Welcome to the Sociology Department at Rose State college. You have found the most exciting program of study here on the campus. We are a large major on the campus with well over one hundred majors every year. We are glad you’re interested in us. Our program contains two distinct programs. The first is the General Sociology option, while the second is the Counseling and Social Work option. View more information on the Counseling and Social Work degree. 

Department Overview

The faculty of the Sociology program are scholars in their field. With two highly qualified full-time faculty and many adjunct faculty who also have a Ph.D., the Sociology program at Rose State is second to none. In studying this information, you will learn about the world and your place in it.


In general, this is any associate degree program that lasts 4 semesters.  Official catalog and suggested order of courses (PDF). However, few students at a community college are able to complete a degree in just two years. The Sociology program offers the flexibility you need to complete your degree, to finish what you start, and to move on with your life, whether that involves moving to a 4 year institution, or moving into the working world.

What is required of a student?

Students will be required to take all the general education requirements for any major here on the campus. In addition to that, there are 4 required core courses and a variety of electives from which a student can choose. Successful students are diligent, intelligent, and interested. They have the ability to think critically and retain information, acknowledging not just the facts and figures of the social world, but also being able to integrate that to social theory.

What happens after graduation?

See our Frequently asked questions for this answer.

Why choose RSC General Sociology program

There are many practical reasons to choose a Sociology degree at Rose State College. One benefit to you is that you can accomplish this degree online. All of our required courses can be taken online and this makes working while taking our courses easier. If you cannot attend an in-class section, it is usually available to you online.

Secondly, our class sizes are small. The benefit to taking small classes with highly qualified faculty means that you get the best preparation in the field of sociology you could find.

Thirdly, our prices are low. You can find courses that will transfer easily to other institutions at prices that are lower than most institutions. Price alone is no reason to select a college, but price and quality make Rose State your college of choice.

FAQ –Frequently Asked Questions

What is sociology?

Sociology studies the consequences of human behavior as they are related to the social life, social change. Sociologists understand the depth of the human condition as it relates to the social world. Individuals are not the sole creators of their world, but are co-creators of their personal outcomes. Questions of study include how do issues of race, gender, and social class influence individual outcomes? How do cultures influence the outcomes of individuals? How do individuals respond to social change, social upheaval, and civil unrest? The subject matter for sociology is as diverse as the world itself, making this a complex but fascinating field of study. For more information on sociology check out: American Sociological Association:

What can I do with a major in Sociology?

Sociology is an academic pursuit that trains a person in a number of important skills.

Skills associated with an Associate in Arts in Sociology:

  • Logical critical reasoning - processing critical analytical work, connecting theory to practice, thinking across multiple perspectives.
  • Communication - writing, reading, public speaking, listening and reading.
  • Interpersonal - leadership, supervising, interviewing and public relations.
  • Informational - organizing, researching, problem solving and budget management.
  • Others - designing research agendas, statistics, computer literacy, interpreting data, oral communication skills.

What can I do with a degree in sociology?

An Associate in Arts in Sociology degree from Rose State College prepares the student for a seamless transfer to a four-year university. Students will be prepared with skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, communications, as well as writing skills and ability to understand complex problems. These skills are highly valued by today’s employers. Many students complete their degree in Sociology and find work in a variety of fields.

A recent survey by the American Sociological Association indicates that Sociology majors with undergraduate degrees can be found in a wide variety of full time employment. Students who complete associates degrees only may not have all of these fields open to them, but many will be.



Percentage of Sociology majors employed in this field.

Social Services, Criminal Justice


Clerical and administrative support positions


Management positions in industry




Varied Service agencies


Sales, Marketing


Social Science research


Other professional fields include PR and IT




Activities Advisor

Administrative Officer

Administrative, Social Worker

Adoption Specialist


College Instructor

Community Organization

Corrections Officer

Family Service Specialist


Government Worker

Independent Living Trainer

Political Policy Advisor

Probation/Parole Officer

Public Administrator

Research Assistant

Sales Manager

Sociologist Anthropologist


Child Advocate

City Manager

Child Welfare Specialist

City Planning Assistant

Community Organization Director

Community Relations

Compliance Director





Employment Counselor

Environmental Analyst

Employment Equal Opportunity Specialist

Financial Aids Officer

Foreign Service Officer

Geriatric worker

Insurance Claims Examiner

International Sales Specialist

Labor Relations Specialist

Marketing Researcher

Media Planner

Migration Specialist



Park and Recreation Program Planner

Police Officer

Policy Analyst/Policy

Placement Counselor

Population Analyst

Probation Officer

Project Director


Public Opinion Analyst

Recreation Director/Aide


Rehabilitation Counselor

Research Analyst/Assistant

Delinquency Caseworker

Medical fields


Social Researcher


Social Service Worker/Aide




Urban Analyst

Urban Planner

Vocational Counselor


*Some of these careers will require additional education or work experience


Community Relations Housing agencies

Anti-Poverty Agencies Urban renewal agencies

Community organization projects


Federal, State, and Local, Law Enforcement

Police, Probation, and Parole Officers

FBI, and Foreign service

Administrative positions in penal institutions


Churches and related programs

Public or private welfare agencies

Agencies for counseling on marriage, children's problems,



Foreign Service

US State Department

Peace Corps,



Private Business
Financial institutions

Banks, Direct Sales, Marketing



Fair employment commissions

Fair housing commissions

Public employment agencies



Is there a difference on what I should take depending on where I’m going to go to school after Rose Stage?

The short answer is, Yes. The long answer is that it is difficult to determine. All sociology courses taught at Rose State will transfer to surrounding colleges, however if you are going to move out of state, you may wish to consult that institution regarding transfer credits.Student should use the following links to help them in making transfer decisions.


Oklahoma State University department of Sociology:
University of Central Oklahoma department of Sociology:
University of Oklahoma Department of Sociology:

What students are saying

“Fascinating! The world opened up to me, I never knew how little I knew, everyone should take sociology!”

“Majoring in Sociology seems to have made me smarter. The complex nature of the world always confused me, now I have some way to put it in a bigger picture”.

“Sociology Rocks!”

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