Feb 12

Rose State College JV Baseball Student Activities | Athletics

Come out and support your Rose State College Junior Varsity Baseball team!



12 - 6pm AT Oklahoma Christian University (Edmond, OK)

14 - 1pm and 3pm vs Oklahoma Wesleyan University

26 - 1pm and 3pm AT Southern Nazarene University (Bethany, OK)

28 - 2pm and 4pm vs Oklahoma Christian University

29 - 2pm and 4pm vs Seminole State College 



4 - 2pm and 4pm vs Southwestern Christian University

6 - 1pm and 3pm AT Northwestern Oklahoma State University (Alva, OK)

13 - 2pm and 4pm vs Mid America Christian University

25 - 2pm and 4pm AT Seminole State College (Seminole, OK)

27 - 2pm and 4pm vs Southern Nazarene University



1 - 12pm and 2pm AT Oklahoma Wesleyan University (Bartlesville, OK)

3 - 1pm and 3pm AT Mid America Christian University (Moore, OK)

8 - 2pm and 4pm vs Southwestern Christian University