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You can save more than $10,000 by starting at Rose State before transferring. Whatever college path you choose, it will be an investment that pays off in your career and future earnings.

Post-secondary degrees are becoming ever more important. No longer just an added enhancement to a resume, they are increasingly turning into a prerequisite for all workers. By 2018, more than half of all jobs in Oklahoma—57 percent—will require an education beyond high school.

The good news is, your degree pays off in two ways. Unemployment rates tend to be lower for people with associate degrees than for those with a high school equivalency. Even better, earnings are higher, too. An associate’s degree can increase average annual earnings by more than $7,200.  

Higher education is clearly a solid investment and, at Rose State, it’s an affordable investment as well. You can save over $10,000 by starting at Rose State before transferring to four-year school (if you choose) to complete your bachelor’s degree. 

See how you can save:

Based on the academic 2013-2014 year, tuition and basic fees for 30 credit hours:
Research University: $8,915.50
Rose State College:   $3,157.50
Savings:  $5,758 per year or $11,516 over two years