Clubs & Organizations


Get involved! There is a wide array of clubs and organizations on campus to choose from — they are geared toward a specific interest, affiliation or career path, and all are open to interested students.

You will find many student clubs at Rose State College. However, if you do not find the club that interests you, it is simple to begin a new organization. Information on forming a new student club is contained in the Student Handbook. After reading the steps to begin a new club, please contact the Coordinator, Student Activities for more information and to begin the procedure to begin a new club.  

Clubs compete for the "Club of the Year" award by participating in activities and through community involvement and earning points through their involvement.  Submit your club's activities using the form link below.

Club of the Year Points

Club List


Application for Club Event
Application for Club Charter (PDF)  
Club of the Year Details (PDF) 
Cocurricular Transcript (PDF)
Parking Violation Appeal Form (PDF) 
Purchase Request Form for Club
Student Senate Funding Request Form