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Student Login

Rose State College has partnered with QuickLaunch to provide faculty, staff, and students with a single sign-on (aka “SSO”) capability. The SSO is used to easily access the college’s commonly-used online services, such as the PeopleSoft/Oasis Enrollment System, Raider Email, and Canvas LMS. Now you can effortlessly access the most common online resources supported by the college from a single portal location without having to sign into each application individually. You can also quickly change your logon password (in case you forget it or it expires) by using the SSO portal without having to contact the campus Information Technology Services department directly. You will only need to remember one password for accessing key college services. 

To access the SSO, go to: 

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have already successfully accessed the college network, such as logging onto the campus WiFi, then that is the username and password you use for the SSO. There’s NO NEED TO CLICK ONFirst Time Users”…that’s just for brand new students who have just been admitted to the college and have never signed into campus systems before. If you’ve forgotten your network password, just click on the “Forgot Password” link beneath the golden “LOGIN” button. 

PLEASE be sure to set up your initial challenge questions, and enter a secondary email address and mobile phone number as soon as possible. Those will be critical to verify your identity in the future.

SSO Information 

For additional information about the new SSO, please click on the following link:
This includes information about the SSO portal solution and how to use it.

Individual System Logins

Outside of the SSO, the individual systems (OASIS, Canvas, Student E-mail, Computer Network) can still be accessed with the original credentials and processes. More information here.

Next Steps