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Energy Careers, Business Option

Program Objectives

The energy industry is a major employer in Oklahoma and the source of many high paying jobs. With the right education and training, you can become a well-paid professional in the energy field that benefits millions of people every day. Rose State College provides the ideal place to begin your studies in preparation for an energy career. Rose State College offers all the prerequisite courses you will need to transfer and pursue either of two career path options.

The first option is the science degree track that transfers into the various science programs (engineering, environmental science, chemistry, physics, or geosciences) at the College of Engineering at the University of Oklahoma, Mewbourne College of Earth & Energy, or the College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences all located on the campus of the University of Oklahoma. These transfers are also applicable to Oklahoma State University’s College of Engineering Architecture and Technology, College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, or College of Arts and Science.

The second option is a business degree track that aligns you with the bachelor's degree in business and energy management at the University of Oklahoma’s Michael F. Price College of Business.

Business Option

Students who are interested in careers such as land man, accountant, distribution or sales would enroll in Rose State's core courses designed for the business management side of the energy industry.

Rose State College's Associate of Science business degree is designed to transfer to a four-year institution. Completing a bachelor's in various business discipline options would then prepare you for a career in the energy industry.

Rose State College's business curriculum is specifically designed to transfer to the University of Oklahoma's Michael F. Price College of Business, where a student can then complete a business administration bachelor's degree with a concentration in energy management.

What classes should be taken at Rose State College in order to transfer successfully to the University of Oklahoma's Michael F. Price College of Business?
Course Subject Course Number Course Name
ACCT 1123  College Accounting Procedures
ACCT 2103  Financial Accounting 
ACCT  2203  Managerial Accounting 
ECON  2303  Principles of Microeconomics 
ECON  2403  Principles of Macroeconomics 
ECON  2843  Elements of Statistics 
ECON  2103  Personal Finance 
GEOL  1114  Intro to Physical Geology
GEOL  2002  Intro to Geological Mapping 
METR  1123  Intro to Meteorology & METR 1121 (Lab) 
MATH 1513  College Algebra
MATH 1743  Calculus I for Business Life and Social Science 
MATH 2123  Calculus II for Business, Life and Social Science 

You will also need the basic prerequisite courses. Be sure to discuss your academic schedule with your RSC advisor for more information.


What portions of the Rose State degree requirements are online?

Virtually all of the A.S. in Business is offered online.  Several of the science prerequisites must be taken on campus.

What are some of the energy companies where I could possibly seek employment?

Usually graduates can apply to the same energy companies as in the Energy Industry/Science option.

What are some possible careers with this option?

Landman: A landman works with royalty interests, legal descriptions, calculates mineral interests, and reviews mineral rights. The job involves travel and visiting courthouses for legal documents along with salesmanship to sell landowners on the idea of selling their mineral rights to the oil or gas companies. You must display good negotiation skills, be able to work with attorneys, and have knowledge about complying with federal regulations.  

Title Examiner: A title examiner performs research regarding the history of a property in order to find information regarding the land’s title. Some legal knowledge of contracts is required.

What are the salaries in the energy field in business?

Salary packages range from $50,000 to $80,000. These packages may include any signing bonuses, retention bonuses, relocation expenses, and reimbursement of tuition for the final year.

What is involved in transferring to the University of Oklahoma?

Acceptance to the University of Oklahoma's Michael F. Price College of Business is a competitive process and each student must apply for admission. Rose State College graduates are very well thought of at the University of Oklahoma and succeed very well. If the Rose State College student has enough credits for graduation and has obtained good grades the overall transfer process is very straightforward. It is up to the graduate of Rose State College to know the application deadlines at OU for the semester they would like to attend.

Why begin your college career at Rose State College?

  • Small classes with one-on-one attention from your professors.  This is especially important in challenging classes such as calculus and engineering.
  • You save $10,000 or more in tuition and fees by beginning at Rose State and then transferring.
  • We offer internships with many of our science and business programs.
  • Scholarships are available.
  • Experienced faculty, with no graduate assistants.
  • Centrally located in the OKC metro area.
  • Free math tutoring labs.
  • Degrees easily transfer.

Academic Advisor

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