Students observing a drone demonstration

Aerospace Flight Camp

CLC’s Aerospace Flight Camp demonstrates the fun you can have putting science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) to use, as seen in this drone demonstration.
Seniors honored at a tea at the Atkinson Heritage Center

Seniors Honored at a Tea

President Webb speaks to the Community Learning Center's seniors at a tea in their honor at the Atkinson House



Colleges are seeing more under-resourced students than ever before. College culture traditionally wants students to conform to and meet standards. A deeper understanding of the challenges—and strengths—that students from poverty bring to college will help faculty, staff and administration create the conditions that make success achievable, not merely accessible.

The EmPower Program addresses the needs of the under-resourced college student by connecting students with a wealth of resources for post-secondary education and life in general, as they work hard to balance being a parent and a full-time college student.  The EmPower program seeks to empower students to find practical solutions, as well as, partner with faculty and staffing to surround each under-resourced college student with a toolbox of skills and knowledge that will change the landscape of their family.

Together, we are opening the door of opportunity to help break the cycle of poverty — we have life-changing stories of students who have become self-sufficient or currently on the road to self-sufficiency.