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General Science

The General Science degree is designed for students who want to take a wide range of science courses in a flexible program of study.  This degree program will also benefit students who are unsure of what career fields they would like to pursue. Students are allowed to build a hybrid program to meet the increasingly integrated technical marketplace.  Instead of choosing one area of scientific emphasis, a student can choose from courses in biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, computer science, geosciences, environmental science, and engineering.   

Future opportunities will be best for individuals who have a solid science background and the ability to adapt to the ever expanding realms of technology.  As technology becomes more sophisticated, employers are looking for individuals who have the skill set to perform critical analysis and interpret information collected through research or laboratory experiences. 

The Associate in Science degree program provides students with a wide range of scientific course topics in a flexible program of study. The expected program outcomes include preparation for entry-level scientific careers and the necessary course work to transfer to a multidisciplinary baccalaureate program.

Upon completion the graduate will be prepared to: 
  1. Effectively communicate verbally, written, and graphically to accurately and appropriately read, inform, and convey scientific information;
  2. Perform critical analysis and interpret information collected through research or laboratory experiences, based on scientific methodology, principles, and logical reasoning;
  3. Continue academic preparations in natural sciences that lead to career and professional pathways;
  4. Apply math operations, graphic data, and algebraic formulas necessary to collect, analyze, and interpret scientific data through laboratory investigation and experimentation; and
  5. Use current and emerging instrumentation and related technologies in the collection and recording of scientific data.

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