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The requirements for becoming a doctor in the U.S. may vary by specialty. In general, doctors complete a 4-year undergraduate degree program, spend four years in medical school and then complete 3-7 years of residency training, before they are eligible for medical licensing. Common courses included in undergraduate programs include chemistry, biological science, and physics.  These courses are also helpful in preparation for the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT).  The MCAT is a multiple-choice examination that students must pass before they are admitted to medical school. Physical science, biology, critical thinking, verbal skills and writing abilities are all tested in a 5-hour computerized test. Most medical schools use this score when considering applicants for admission. 

The Associate in Science degree program provides students with the analytical skills and scientific knowledge to expand and apply critical thinking to all facets of learning.  The expected program outcome is to provide a comprehensive lower division education for students who plan to transfer to a baccalaureate degree program.

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