Rose State College Names Executive Vice President and Vice President for Student Affairs Published August 12, 2015 by Ali Sexton

Rose State College President Jeanie Webb has announced changes to executive staff at Rose State College. Dr. Kent Lashley will serve as Executive Vice President and Ms. Tamara Pratt will serve as Vice President for Student Affairs and Marketing.

Dr. Lashley brings a fresh business perspective needed in the tough economic times colleges are facing.Lashley has been with Rose State for over six years – first as Associate Vice President for Student Life and then as Vice President for Administrative Services. His tenure at Rose State was preceded by many years as a corporate attorney in Tennessee but his roots are in Tahlequah, OK where Lashley was born and raised. He brings corporate experience and a strategic business mindset for the institution while serving as the right hand man to President Webb who believes, “Dr. Lashley brings a fresh business perspective needed in the tough economic times colleges are facing. His proven leadership at the collegiate level and experience across the divisions gives him the perspective needed to effectively run an institution.”

Pratt brings a wide skill set to the team with over 20 years of experience in communications, community affairs, strategic planning, and marketing. Most Oklahomans will recognize Pratt for her on air reporting for KWTV-NEWS 9 and specifically her coverage of the Timothy McVeigh federal trial. However, she also served for four years as the Communications Director at the Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism and an additional three years as the organization’s Deputy Director. Before moving to Rose State, Pratt worked with the American Red Cross first as Communications Lead and then as the Major Gifts Officer for Financial Development. “Tamara’s experience with media, marketing and customer service enhances Rose State’s ability to connect to our students and our community in a new way,” President Jeanie Webb says. “Tamara shares our values and our focus on providing a quality education in a creative environment which makes her a perfect fit for student affairs."