Get Engaged: Rose State College Receives Grant To Spark Political Debate Published February 2, 2016

Series Draws Crowds On Campus And On The Web

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Midwest City, Okla. – The Political Science discussion series at Rose State College has received a $2,000 grant from the Institute for Humane Studies at George Mason University.  The panel series is the brainchild of James Davenport, Professor of Political Science at Rose State.  Davenport said, “During the course of a semester, it is challenging to cover the wide breadth of governmental issues that occur. This panel series was designed to offer students an opportunity to explore issues in more detail and to expose student to diverse perspectives on those issues.” Professor Davenport chooses topics based on current events and topics of continuous interest by students. This semester, for example, some of the panel topics are over the presidential primaries and immigration since both are hot topics related to U.S. government. 

Together, Rose State faculty and off-campus experts share their knowledge and expertise with both students and faculty who attend.  The addition of a live streaming capability through the College’s YouTube channel has made the discussion series open to distance learning students and the general public. In person attendance averages 30 participants but live streaming has nearly doubled the number of viewers at each session. The panels are then archived on YouTube for others to experience after the live event has concluded.  The ability to continue live streaming is thanks in large part to the earned grant from the Institute for Human Studies which supports the discussion series costs for marketing, technical support, honoraria and refreshments. With this grant, Davenport and his team were able to purchase much-needed equipment to continue live streaming on YouTube.

This semester’s discussion series is titled “Great Debates: Power, Politics, and People.” The schedule and topics covered include:

America’s Love/Hate Relationship with Liberty

February 2nd, 2pm-3:30pm

RSC, Professional Training Center, Room 114

Live stream:


The Presidential Primaries in OK and Beyond

March 1st, 2pm-3:30pm

RSC, Professional Training Center, Room 114


Immigration in America – Past, Present, and Future

April 5th, 2pm-3:30pm

RSC, Professional Training Center, Room 114


Media Coverage of Politics and Government

May 3rd, 2pm-3:30pm

RSC, Professional Training Center, Room 114

Professor Davenport has provided his expert insight to numerous articles written by the Journal Record on statewide political issues. For more information or to be considered as a panelist for the Great Debates series, contact James Davenport,