Rose State Kids College Transitions to Fun On-Line Learning for Summer 2020 Published May 20, 2020

Kids College & Teen Scene will transition to fun, online social distance learning for the summer via Facebook. 

The new format allows for students to safely learn and have fun with wacky instructors teaching STEM, cooking, art, sports and other educational topics. Social distance online learning will start as scheduled on June 8 and run through August 3rd. 

But instead of face-to-face learning, students will go on Facebook to retrieve the daily content, and meet up with Kids College host Kathy Gentry. Ms. Gentry, an instructor with the Mid-Del School district, will lead participants through daily fun facts, at-home projects, and guided lessons. 

Students can access the FREE learning content via the Kids College Facebook page at Rose State Kids College & Teen Scene. Parents can also go to the Kids College website at to see a schedule of offerings for each week.

There is no registration or enrollment! 

This free learning content will be posted and available on Facebook and anyone can participate!