Rose State Professor Dr. Nyla Ali Khan’s Book Is In Publication Published December 3, 2020

“Educational Strategies for Youth Empowerment in Conflict Zones.” The book is being published by Palgrave Macmillan and will be available in 2021 and offers fresh and exciting new directions of inquiry into the highly contentious issue of conflict resolution in South Asia. By shifting its gaze from a politics of division mired in ethno-nationalisms into a healing and restorative focus, the author moves the dialogue forward into the realm of community, healing, and shared governance. The book analyzes the major constitutional and political missteps that have led to the current situation of violence and distrust in countries such as India and Pakistan, keeping the focus on Jammu and Kashmir. This monograph will appeal to a wide range of audiences including academics, researchers, graduate students interested in South Asian politics, development, trauma studies, and peace and conflict studies. 

Forwards from the book: 

“Kashmir through centuries has been noted for communal harmony and religious syncretism and Dr. Nyla Ali Khan is obviously imbued with the same spirit of Kashmiriyat about which all Kashmiris can be genuinely proud. I have always maintained that a solution of J&K is possible if there is a political will on both sides and the solution envisages a win-win for Kashmiris Pakistanis and Indians. I would conclude by congratulating Dr. Khan for her efforts towards suggesting the strategies that will help reduce some of the pain that all Kashmiris,  men, women and children feel so acutely” ~ Khurshid Mehmud  Kasuri, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan. 

“Through the dynamic interplay of scholars, activists, and clinicians, Dr. Nyla establishes that intergenerational conversations about historical and political traumas lead to healing and empowerment at both individual and collective levels. Our survival depends on a significant slice of the human race accomplishing changes in worldviews from one of  loyalties to ultra-right wing nationalisms to loyalty to societal reconstruction, peace-building, and life itself. Dr. Nyla Ali Khan’s balanced views and arguments have enabled her to rise above partisan loyalties and fundamentalist thinking. I congratulate her for this book” ~ Yashwant Sinha, Former Minister of External Affairs and Finance of India. 

“Nyla Ali Khan’s prescriptions, drawn from her own suffering and psychological rejuvenation, are universally applicable and can be applied to society as whole and not just a particularly strong individual like herself. She is an exile only in a physical sense for her heart beats in her vale and her mind is enveloped not in hatred, which is the obvious reaction, but in memories of the beauty of Kashmir and the culture and values of her people. The author exemplifies practical ways of moving beyond present trauma by taking the professional path of education, the only way coming generations of Kashmiris and others can be led to values of eternal and lasting importance eschewing momentary feelings of revenge. A passionate and deeply felt appeal that will, I am sure, find a wide and appreciate readership” ~ Mani Shankar Aiyar, Former Minister of Development of North Eastern Region of India. 

"Dr. Khan refers to the richness found in the legacy of her own parents, grandparents and others who chose Frankl’s concept of Self-Transcendence instead of destroying what has been achieved by others. This legacy has instilled in her a love for her homeland and given her an appreciation for the strong intergenerational support system she received. Dr. Khan’s book belongs in the homes, educational classroom, and libraries around the world” ~ Dr. Robert C. Barnes, President of Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy.