Women’s History Month: An Interview with Cindy Mikeman Published March 30, 2022

Cindy MikemanIn honor of Women’s History Month, we sat down with Rose State Vice President of Foundation and Resource Development and asked her five questions to learn more about her and how she has gotten to where she is now. We hope these answers inspire you to never give up on your dreams. 

Cindy Mikeman - Vice President, Foundation and Resource Development

  1. What advice do you have for younger women?

The best advice I can offer younger women is to be true to yourself and treat others with respect.  Enjoy the simple pleasures in life and cherish the memories you make along the way.  Accept challenges you will face as you’re working toward your goals, and learn from your mistakes. 

  1. What are you most proud of as a woman?

I am proud of being a loving daughter, mother and grandmother! It’s been a joy to raise our daughters and watch them grow up and live productive lives within their communities.  Some of the best life lessons I’ve learned were from my grandmother and mother and it’s an honor to pass those life lessons along to my children and grandchildren. 

  1. Tell me about your greatest achievement - whether personal or professionally at Rose State.

My career has taken me down an educational path, ranging from K-12 to a community college.  I was a public-school teacher for 33 years and now I have the pleasure of working with some of my former students. It’s exciting to see young children that I’ve had in class grow up to become productive citizens in our community! 

It has been a joy to work with an incredible group of community leaders with a passion of supporting students at Rose State College.  Ten years ago, I became the Executive Director of a struggling Foundation, and together with the assistance of a strong Board of Trustees and Board of Governors, the Rose State College Foundation has turned into a powerhouse by raising more money, supporting more students with scholarships, increasing the value of each scholarship and raising funds for naming rights around the campus.  In addition, the Foundation Board allocates additional funds each year to support the Rose State Raider Necessities, so that our students have food and clothing in order for them to achieve their goal of a higher education without any limitations.  

  1. Tell us about some major obstacles you’ve had to overcome to get to where you are now.

When my husband passed away my world was full of uncertainly and I quickly began to look at life differently. I began to celebrate each morning, and live each day to the fullest, knowing that tomorrow is not promised.  It has been important for me to look at life with a positive and grateful attitude.  One of my favorite quotes, “Positive thinking is a valuable tool that can help you overcome obstacles, deal with pain, and reach new goals.”

  1. What qualities make a female leader?

Women are great communicators and active listeners, with the ability to motivate others.  They have a strong work ethic, with the ability to multitask, along with being detail oriented and having the passion to make a change to benefit others.