TikTok Notification Published December 14, 2022

TikTok on a phone screen

On December 8, 2022 Governor Stitt signed an Executive Order banning TikTok use from government networks or government issued devices. 

The effect for Rose State College is the following: 

The TikTok website will be blacklisted from our Wired and Wireless networks.  This includes all Rose State Wireless networks including systems students and other 3rd parties connect to. 

Any Rose State device that has any TikTok installed from a Mobile App store or Windows App Store must be removed and TikTok is not to be accessed from these devices by any means including application or web browser. 

Students will still be able to access TikTok from their personal devices only when they are connected to a Non-Rose State Wireless network.

A copy of Executive Order 2022-33 (PDF) is being made available for your review.