Rose State Awarded Most Flexible Coursework Ranking By Published January 13, 2023

Rose State College awarded most flexible coursework by Intelligent.comCollege recognized nationally for second consecutive year, a trusted resource for program rankings and higher education planning, has included Rose State College (Rose State) in its list of the Best Community Colleges in Oklahoma for the second consecutive year. The research identifies top schools in the state based on tuition costs, the number of credits required to graduate and the online coursework delivery format. 

Additionally, Rose State was awarded Most Flexible Coursework on the final list. implemented a unique methodology that researches more than 3,000 community colleges and ranks each institution on a scale from 0 to 100 across six categories. The scoring system compares each school on tuition costs, admission, retention and graduation rates, faculty, reputation and the student resources provided for online students. 

Studies show that obtaining a degree increases income substantially, with graduates earning 84% more than those with only high school diplomas or those without a completed GED. The percentage difference in earnings continues to grow with higher learning degrees such as master's, doctoral or professional degrees, with the unemployment rate decreasing to as much as 1.6% for those with a doctorate. 

"Realizing the important connection between higher education and income-earning opportunities, we strive to offer our students the flexibility required to enhance their learning experience,” Rose State President Dr. Jeanie Webb said. "The flexible coursework programs offered at Rose State exemplify our commitment to meeting the needs of our students. We are delighted to be named one of Oklahoma’s top colleges and earn the ‘Most Flexible Coursework’ designation.”  

Students attending Rose State can choose from online and on-campus programs. Rose State provides 60 on-campus programs and more than 20 online degrees and certificates to meet the increased demand for online learning. To further increase flexibility, Rose State also offers FLEX courses. The FLEX option is a combination of in-person, online and Zoom classes. Classes are set up with scheduled meeting times, a room location and a professor. FLEX courses allow a student to meet face-to-face in the classroom, but the same class can be taken solely online or via Zoom. 

Rose State is considered a top-ranked community college with a 21-to-1 student-to-teacher ratio, offering a four-year experience at a two-year community college. Rose State provides on-campus housing with savings of up to 40 percent on college tuition. 

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