Phi Theta Kappa Awards for the Oklahoma/Arkansas 2023 Regional Convention Published April 7, 2023

Rose State receives Phi Theta Kappa awards at 2023 regional Convention

(Left; Leanne May - Middle left; Taylor Garcia - Middle right; Constance Kettler – Right; Kelly Bailey)

Our Rose State College chapter, Alpha Eta Alpha received several awards at the Oklahoma/ Arkansas 2023 Regional Convention that was held at Northwestern State University. The Oklahoma/Arkansas region consists of 43 chapters from institutions in each of these states. Phi Theta Kappa recognizes students for their academic achievement and advisors for their service to help students achieve their full potential. This was an astounding year for our Rose State College chapter and the awards can attest to that.

Alpha Eta Alpha advisors excel in their positions.

Professor Kelly Bailey and Professor Leanne May both received awards for their work and contribution to the chapter. Professor Bailey was awarded the Most Distinguished Advisor. This is awarded to those who have held advisory positions for more than five years and continue to implement the values that Phi Theta Kappa represents. Professor Leanne May was awarded the Most Distinguished Paragon Advisor award. This award is for new advisors with less than four years of service and those who uphold the values of Phi Theta Kappa. Both Professor Kelly Bailey and Professor Leanne May also received the Distinguished Chapter Advisor Team.

Leanne May receives the Horizon Award.

The Horizon award is recognized to an upcoming advisor that helps members with professional development and implements the Phi Theta Kappa Five Star Chapter Plan. The 5 Star Chapter plan has five levels of commitment that require each chapter to report their progress each year from January to December. The five commitments require each chapter to organize at least one membership recruitment campaign, set a goal for recruitment plans to be recognized as a REACH chapter, developing college projects, building administrative support and getting involved at the international level.

Student Officers get recognized for their dedication to the chapter.

Rose State College Students received the Distinguished Chapter Officer Team Certificate of Merit. Constance Kettler, Taylor Garcia and Adrianna Teel all showed excellence in helping Rose States chapter follow the five-star plan. This award shows the officers’ commitment to showing great leadership on their campus, implementing regional goals that help support society values and showing great representation of the programs that Phi Theta Kappa offers. They were also awarded the Top Five Distinguished Chapter Certificate of Distinction out of 43 chapters in the region.

Alpha Eta Alpha receives recognition for the international festival college project.

Rose State receives Phi Theta Kappa awards at 2023 regional Convention

Alpha Eta Alpha received the Top Five College Project Certificate of Merit. This was given to chapters that were able to strengthen the relationship between students, faculty and community members on campus. Alpha Eta Alpha was able to meet with President Webb to discuss an event that would help the community come together so they came up with the International Festival that was held at the student union. This festival held games, discussions and a food truck that attracted over 100 people from around campus and the community. This award is judged by the preparation, leadership development, cooperative effort, impact and the presentation of the project. Alpha Eta Alpha was able to receive the top five college project out of 43 chapters in the region.

What is Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society?

 Phi Theta Kappa is an international honor society for two-year college institutions. They offer many opportunities for members like college scholarships, leadership development and community outreach. You must receive and except an invitation from your chapters advisor to join Phi Theta Kappa. Phi Theta Kappa is dedicated to helping college students from all over the world. Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society is recognized by The American Association of Community Colleges (AACC).