Rose State College Jump Start Program To Benefit Mid-Del Public Schools Published June 29, 2023

Concurrent SigningProgram will expand concurrent enrollment opportunities for students

is partnering with Mid-Del Public Schools to expand concurrent enrollment opportunities for Mid-Del students. The Rose State Jump Start program strives to break down the barriers students may have experienced to concurrent enrollment, including lack of transportation, lack of extra financial support to cover course fees and scheduling issues with their high school courses.

“Rose State looks forward to continuing to expand opportunities for Mid-Del students through growing concurrent enrollment programs,” Rose State President Dr. Jeanie Webb said. “To welcome Mid-Del students, Rose State is providing the necessary space for the students along with highly qualified faculty and access to all of our regular campus support resources.”

By increasing opportunities for concurrent enrollment, we can ensure that students stay on track to successfully complete a degree at Rose State. This approach also opens up new possibilities, such as the 2+1 option, where students can spend two years in concurrent enrollment and then transition to one year of full-time enrollment at Rose State to earn an Associate's Degree.

In the current partnership, Rose State has created an adjusted schedule to provide course times that work for Mid-Del students within the hours of their regular school day. Mid-Del will provide transportation to and from all three high schools to Rose State for courses. Mid-Del will also provide additional funding support for students to cover some of the additional course fees. Through the Rose State and Mid-Del partnership, students will receive expanded dual enrollment course options that work toward fulfilling high school curriculum requirements while earning college credit.

“We are excited to announce the expansion of the relationship between Mid-Del and Rose State College through the Rose State Jump Start Program partnership,” Mid-Del Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Richard Cobb said. “Working together to meet the needs of the students desiring concurrent enrollment opportunities will jump start their efforts in obtaining an Associate Degree.”

Enrollment ends Monday, Aug. 21. To learn more about the Rose State Jump Start partnership with Mid-Del Public Schools, contact a concurrent enrollment specialist via email at or call (405) 733-7951

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From Left to Right: Dr. Ryan Stoddard, Ricardo Vega, Meagan Bryant, Andra Gilkey, Lacey Brown, Dr. LaShonda Broiles, Dr. Richard Cobb, Dr. Jeanie Webb, Travis Hurst, Dr. Melissa Hayt, Matthew Weinrich , Jan Bugby, Krista Walker-Frederick.