RSC Student Senate featured as the Student Government Association of the Month Published February 12, 2024

RSC Student Senate

Rose State College's Student Senate was recently featured as the Student Government Association of the Month for the state of Oklahoma. This recognition shows the dedicated efforts of RSC’s student leaders in driving positive change and advocating for the student body. 

In the past few months, Rose State’s Student Senate has been diligently focused on enhancing the campus through legislative initiatives. These efforts have encompassed a range of impactful measures aimed at improving accessibility, safety, and community engagement on campus. From renewing handicapped ramps to organizing annual blood drives and enhancing street safety with crosswalk signs and pavement lighting, the legislative agenda reflects the Student Senate’s commitment to creating a supportive environment for all students at Rose State. 

Comprised of four Officers, five Division Merit Appointees, and fifteen Senators, RSC’s Student Senate represents all voices and interests of the student body. The Officers have seized valuable opportunities for growth and development by attending two National Leadership Conferences this year. Additionally, they engage in monthly meetings with President Dr. Jeanie Webb, fostering open dialogue and collaboration on passed legislation and new ideas. 

This fall, a portion of Rose State’s Student Senate had the privilege of participating in Fall Congress, where they played a pivotal role in passing legislation aimed at enhancing Higher Education as a whole. This experience not only provided valuable insight into the legislative process but also underscored the importance of student advocacy in shaping the future of education. 

As the spring semester begins, the Student Senate is eager to build upon achievements and embrace new opportunities for positive change for all members of the Rose State College community.