RSC Students Benefit from Partnerships with OGF, OU, OSU, and CMU Published February 28, 2024

RSC Students Benefit from Partnerships with OGF, OU, OSU, and CMURose State College Students Benefit from Partnerships with Oklahoma Geological Foundation, University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University, and Colorado Mesa University 

Rose State College is proud to announce the incredible opportunities provided to its students through generous partnerships with the Oklahoma Geological Foundation (OGF), Oklahoma State University, and Colorado Mesa University (CMU). 

Frost Trussell, a recent graduate from RSC, received OGF student stipend funding for a summer internship with Dr. Tingying Xu at Oklahoma State University, focusing on geochemistry. Frost has commenced her first semester at OSU, marking the beginning of an exciting academic journey. 

Evan Burkart and Tobby Nettleton, both graduating from RSC this spring, were awarded OGF student stipend funding for research on CNN methodology using well-core images and geologic data analysis. Their research utilizes data provided by Columbia University, Rutgers University, and the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory. Evan and Tobby plan to attend the University of Oklahoma in the fall to further their studies. 

Matin Mazroee, a concurrent student at RSC, received OGF student stipend funding for a summer research project in collaboration with Dr. Javier Tellez at Colorado Mesa University, focusing on drone photo-telemetry to evaluate mass-wasting. Matin, who will graduate from high school this spring, is set to embark on an enriching research experience. 

Additionally, Rose State College students participated in TechFest, hosted by the student chapter of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) at Oklahoma State University Stillwater. TechFest offered undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to showcase their research to peers, faculty, industry professionals, and potential employers. The event featured poster presentations with monetary awards for top-ranking students. 

Professor April Moreno-Ward, who is pursuing a PhD in Geology with a focus on Seismic Geomorphology and Machine Learning, also had the opportunity to showcase her current research, setting an inspiring example for RSC students. 

Professor Moreno-Ward won first place in the graduate student section of the competition, while Frost Trussell won first place and Matin Mazroee won third place in the undergraduate portion of the competition. 

These partnerships underscore RSC's commitment to providing exceptional educational experiences and opportunities for its students, preparing them for success in their academic and professional endeavors. Rose State College is grateful for the opportunities to present their research at student research days in March and April at OSU and OU.