Student Highlight: Peyton Stein – STEM Club and TRIO at Rose State Published February 19, 2024

Peyton Stein

Meet Peyton Stein, a Mechanical Engineering major at Rose State College, who is making waves in the academic community through active involvement in the STEM Club and TRIO - Student Support Services program as an academic tutor. Peyton shares insights into the reasons behind his passion for Rose State and these dynamic clubs. 

Passion for Rose State: When asked about what draws him to Rose State, Peyton enthusiastically highlights the college's positive atmosphere. "I like that it has a really good attitude," says Peyton. This positive environment creates a conducive space for academic growth and personal development. 

Engagement in STEM Club: Peyton actively participates in the STEM Club, a hub for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics enthusiasts. The club serves as a platform for students like Peyton to connect, collaborate, and explore their shared passion for STEM disciplines. Through engaging activities, events, and projects, STEM Club fosters a sense of community among students pursuing various STEM majors. 

Involvement in TRIO - Student Support Services: In addition to STEM Club, Peyton also contributes his time and skills to TRIO - Student Support Services as an Academic Tutor. This program focuses on providing valuable academic support to students, ensuring they have the resources and assistance needed to thrive in their studies. Peyton's involvement as a tutor reflects his commitment to the success and well-being of his peers. 

Supportive Atmosphere and Resources: Peyton appreciates the laid-back yet caring attitude of the professors at Rose State. "The professors are really laid back but care a lot about the students," he notes. This combination of a relaxed atmosphere and genuine concern for student success creates an ideal learning environment. Moreover, Peyton emphasizes the abundance of resources available on campus, showcasing Rose State's commitment to supporting all students.