Rose State College’s “Teach the Teacher” Course Achieves Success Published May 13, 2024

Rose State College enthusiastically welcomed 36 Oklahoma educators to an educational opportunity with the launch of this year’s “Teach the Teacher” course, centered on 3D Printing technology. 

K-12 teachers from 28 Oklahoma school districts scattered across the state attended the “Teach the Teacher” course as part of their professional development. The “Teach the Teacher” course provided an engaging three-day, cost-free program aimed at enhancing the educator’s pedagogical approaches with cutting-edge 3D printing knowledge and applications. 

“We were delighted to offer this unique 3D Printing course at Rose State College through the “Teach the Teacher” event,” stated Matt Weinrich, Director of K-12 Initiatives at Rose State College. “It provided 36 educators with the chance to expand their tech skills and enhance classroom learning. Educators who completed the course received a new 3D printer for their schools, completely free of charge. We aimed to empower teachers with these valuable tools.” 

Empowering Educators with 3D Printing Skills 

Tailored specifically for educators eager to integrate modern technology into their curriculum, the “Teach the Teacher” course provided a comprehensive overview of 3D Printing. Participants delved into its practical applications, potential impacts on student learning, and innovative curriculum ideas. The course was designed to equip teachers with the skills and insights necessary to inspire a new generation of creators and engineers. 

Exclusive Incentives for Participants 

To support and encourage the adoption of 3D printing in education, Rose State College offered an exceptional incentive: each participant received a brand-new 3D printer upon completing the course. This initiative underscored the College’s commitment to fostering technological fluency and creativity in classrooms across the metro. 

Furthermore, as part of an enriching initiative to showcase the real-world applications of 3D printing, participating teachers embarked on field trips to notable industry partners’ facilities, including the United Dynamics prototype lab. This experience aimed to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical implementation, providing educators with firsthand insights into the cutting-edge advancements in 3D printing technology. 

The “Teach the Teacher” course was made possible through a grant from the Federal Department of Education, with support from former Senator James Inhofe. Senator Inhofe played a crucial role in championing the allocation of these congressional funds, ensuring the event's realization.