RSC OK Promise Day Published April 12, 2024

Rose State College Advocates for Continued Support of Oklahoma’s Promise Scholarship Program at State Capitol Gathering

Thursday, April 11, 2024, Rose State College students, faculty, and staff, as well as other Oklahoma institutions and supporters of Oklahoma’s Promise, gathered at the state Capitol to express gratitude to the Governor and Legislature for their ongoing support of the Oklahoma’s Promise scholarship program. The event also aimed to encourage legislators to continue funding the program to ensure continued access to higher education for Oklahoma students.

Among the students from Rose State College at the Capitol event were Oklahoma Promise recipients Lizzy Torres from Southmoore, Dalaney Uranga from Shawnee, Aldo Carreon-Velasco from Little Axe, Julissa Fraire from Hennessee, and Chloe Durkee from Alva. Staff representing the Raiders were Associate Vice President of Student Life Kirby Harzman and Student Affairs Vice President Lance Newbold.

Created in 1992 by the state Legislature, Oklahoma’s Promise aims to make college more accessible for Oklahoma families. The scholarship covers tuition at any Oklahoma public college or university until the student earns a bachelor’s degree or attends a higher education institution for five years, whichever comes first. It also provides partial tuition coverage at accredited Oklahoma private institutions or certain public career technology programs, though it does not cover fees, books, or room and board.

To be eligible, students must enroll in Oklahoma’s Promise in the 8th, 9th, 10th, or 11th grade, with family income not exceeding certain levels based on the number of dependent children. Additionally, students must maintain a minimum GPA and adhere to attendance and behavior standards throughout their high school years.

Oklahoma’s Promise graduates have demonstrated academic success, with high school GPAs and ACT scores exceeding state averages. They also boast higher college enrollment, persistence, and degree-completion rates compared to non-Oklahoma’s Promise students. Furthermore, a significant percentage of Oklahoma’s Promise graduates remain in Oklahoma after college, contributing to the state’s workforce and economy.

The gathering at the state Capitol served as a testament to the importance of the Oklahoma’s Promise scholarship program and the collective effort to ensure its continued support for the benefit of Oklahoma’s students and communities.

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