Student Spotlight: Grace Gregory - Navigating Success Through Clubs at Rose State Published April 12, 2024

Meet Grace Gregory, a Psychology major at Rose State College who is making waves both academically and through her involvement in various clubs on campus. With her commitment to personal growth and community engagement, Grace exemplifies the spirit of excellence and camaraderie that defines the Rose State experience. 

Graduating debt-free is a dream for many students, but for Grace, it's a reality she's achieved at Rose State. "With Rose State, I am very excited that I am graduating debt-free," she shares. This financial freedom not only alleviates the burden of student loans but also allows Grace to focus on her studies and extracurricular pursuits without the added stress of financial constraints. 

Beyond her academic pursuits, Grace is deeply involved in several clubs on campus, including the President's Leadership Class (PLC), Student Senate, Baking Club, and the Mental Health Advisory Board. For Grace, these clubs are more than just extracurricular activities—they're communities where she finds belonging and support. 

"I love my clubs because the culture it very tight and inclusive,” Grace explains. "It's more of a family feeling." This sense of camaraderie fosters meaningful connections with fellow students and faculty members alike, creating an environment where Grace feels empowered to thrive both personally and academically. 

In the President's Leadership Class, Grace hones her leadership skills and engages in service projects that positively impact the campus and surrounding community. As a member of the Student Senate, she plays a vital role in advocating for student interests and shaping campus policies. Grace's involvement in the Baking Club allows her to indulge her passion for baking while bonding with peers over shared interests. Additionally, her participation in the Mental Health Advisory Board reflects her commitment to promoting mental wellness and destigmatizing mental health issues on campus. 

Grace's dedication to her studies and extracurricular activities serves as an inspiration to her peers and showcases the transformative power of community engagement at Rose State College. Through her involvement in various clubs, Grace not only enriches her college experience but also leaves a lasting impact on the campus community.