Dr. Emily Stacey: Inspiring Political Engagement and Academic Excellence at Rose State College Published May 17, 2024

Dr. Emily Stacey, a professor of Political Science at Rose State College.

“Politics is everything. It’s the clean air we breathe; the roads we drive on; the availability of well-paying jobs after completing college,” said Dr. Emily Stacey, a professor of Political Science at Rose State College.

Dr. Stacey teaches her students the importance of participation in democracy and politics. With a mission to impart a passion for advocacy and civic engagement to her students, Dr. Stacey’s favorite part about her job is when a student says her class “inspired them to vote, participate in their democracy or advocate for themselves and what they believe in.”

Arriving on campus in the spring 2014 semester, Dr. Emily Stacey fell in love with the campus. “We are a family here; sometimes crazy, but there is so much love and dedication on this campus, it is infectious,” said Dr. Stacey.

A decade later, Dr. Stacey still loves her many roles as a Raider. “Rose State was the first place I taught at, and it will be the place I retire from,” said Dr. Stacey. She teaches several Political Science courses including American Federal Government, International Relations, Comparative Politics, Mass Media and Politics, and Power, War, and Mobilization.

In addition to teaching a full course load, Dr. Stacey is the creator and co-host of the “Not My Generation” podcast with Rose State Professor James Davenport. Dr. Stacey and Davenport discuss “political issues from our different generational perspectives” in weekly episodes.

Named a DaVinci Fellow by the DaVinci Institute in 2023, this prestigious award recognizes individuals in higher education who are developing new ways to contribute to their academic discipline.

Exciting things are happening in the fall 2024 semester at Rose State College! The Oklahoma Political Science Association will be hosting its annual conference on campus. Dr. Stacey is excited to have an opportunity to present the Lifetime Achievement Award to her previous mentor, Dr. Loren Gatch, to commemorate his retirement. Dr. Gatch ignited Dr. Stacey's passion for politics as a University of Central Oklahoma student. Dr. Stacey remembers sitting in Dr. Gatch’s class and writing down all his eight-dollar words. She says she would intentionally place those “big, fancy academic words” in her next assignment. Dr. Stacey learned much from Dr. Gatch, which has impacted how she teaches her students.

Dr. Stacey’s advice for incoming college students is to read the syllabus and understand the expectations of each professor. “Otherwise, breathe,” Dr. Stacey said. “You can do this, and your professors want you to succeed!”

When not teaching, working on her podcast, or mentoring students, Dr. Stacey loves spending time with her young daughter whom she says makes her life complete.

Rose State College is grateful to have faculty like Dr. Emily Stacey on our team. If you would like to apply for a faculty position or learn more about becoming a student at Rose State College, visit rose.edu.