Rose State College Launches Innovative Aerospace and Cybersecurity Incubator Published June 11, 2024

Tanenbaum Aerospace and Cybersecurity Center Ribbon Cutting

Rose State College announces the approval of a groundbreaking Aerospace and Cybersecurity Incubator by the Oklahoma State Department of Commerce. This initiative aims to foster innovation, support startups, and drive economic growth in the rapidly evolving aerospace and cybersecurity sectors.

The new incubator offers Rose State College the opportunity of being a hub of cutting-edge technology, offering state-of-the-art facilities and resources to aspiring entrepreneurs and established businesses alike. By providing access to expert mentorship, advanced research capabilities, and a collaborative environment, the incubator will accelerate the development of new technologies and solutions critical to high-demand industries. The incubator will be located within the new Tanenbaum Aerospace and Cybersecurity Center.

Key Features of the Aerospace and Cybersecurity Incubator:

  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: Equipped with the latest technology and infrastructure to support advanced research and development.
  • Expert Mentorship: Access to a network of industry leaders and professionals to guide startups and businesses through every stage of their growth.
  • Collaborative Environment: A space designed to foster innovation and collaboration among entrepreneurs, researchers, and industry experts.
  • Workshops and Training Programs: Comprehensive programs to enhance skills and knowledge in aerospace and cybersecurity.
  • Funding and Investment Opportunities: Connections to potential investors and funding sources to support the growth of incubated companies.

Dr. Jeanie Webb, President of Rose State College, expressed her excitement about the new incubator, stating, "This initiative aligns perfectly with our mission to provide exceptional education and support to our students and the community. The Aerospace and Cybersecurity Incubator will not only enhance our educational offerings but also contribute significantly to the economic development of Oklahoma."

Ethan Biller, Director of the Small Business Development Center at Rose State College, added, "The incubator will be a game-changer for startups in aerospace and cybersecurity. By providing vital resources and guidance, we are empowering entrepreneurs to innovate and succeed in these critical industries."

Applications for the incubator program will open later this month, with the first cohort of startups and businesses expected to begin their journey in the fall. Interested parties are encouraged to visit the Rose State College website for more information and application details.