Rose State College Hosts Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education Legislative Tour Published January 19, 2024

OSRHE Legislative TourRose State College hosted the legislative tour for the Metro Region in Oklahoma Regents for Higher Education (OSRHE) annual regional tour schedule on Wednesday, Jan. 17. OSRHE Chancellor Allison D. Garrett presented the 2024 legislative agenda and FY25 budget request for public higher education to lawmakers, community leaders and higher education officials.

“Producing more college graduates to address Oklahoma’s employer needs is our top priority and central to the success of our Blueprint 2030 strategic plan,” said Chancellor Garrett. “This budget request builds on successful workforce development initiatives and supports academic and operational innovations at our public colleges and universities.”

The State Regents are requesting $1.1 billion in state funding for FY25, which reflects an increase of $122.4 million or 12.2% over the FY24 appropriation of $1 billion.

  • $9.5 million for FY25 to fund the Inspired to Teach program and expand concurrent enrollment
  • $41.5 million for FY25 to fund critical workforce development initiatives, including funds to increase enrollment and graduation in STEM disciplines, expand nursing education program and medical residency capacity to address the state’s shortage of nurses and doctors, and provide additional scholarships for adult students nearing completion of a college degree or pursuing an industry-recognized micro-credential or certificate
  • $71.4 million for FY25 to fund performance-based institutional allocations to address operational needs, address rising risk management costs, upgrade systems and structures to strengthen campus safety and cyber security, strengthen college access and academic success services for students, and enhance strategic collaborations and shared services to drive long-term efficiencies across the state system

Another priority for the State Regents in the upcoming legislative session is refining the Oklahoma’s Promise scholarship to reduce administrative barriers to student access and participation. Recognized by many as one of the top promise scholarship programs in the country, Oklahoma’s Promise is considered a national model that emphasizes both academic preparation and financial support for college. More than 100,000 students have earned college tuition scholarships through Oklahoma’s Promise since the program’s inception.

Rose State College student, Bianca Rivera-Noblett, took center stage during the legislative tour event to share her compelling higher education testimony. In an impactful speech, Bianca shed light on the pivotal role played by Oklahoma's Promise in realizing her college dreams. 

A Fine Arts major, Bianca articulated her journey, emphasizing how Oklahoma's Promise has been instrumental in making her college education not only affordable but also a tangible reality. Having successfully completed her first semester at Rose State College, Bianca stands as a testament to the transformative power of accessible education.