Academic Contracts


The Academic Contracts Program, formerly known as the Cooperative Agreement Program, gives technology center students an opportunity to obtain college credit at Rose State College.

Degrees Offered

The Academic Contracts program is a great way for younger students to begin building a college transcript while still in high school. It's also valuable for adults who are interested in a number of career opportunities and who  want to receive a college degree.

Students enrolled in this program can earn an Associate In Applied Science (AAS). The AAS degree is designed to prepare students for job entry or advancement in their current field. It serves as an enhancement to the goal of technology centers, whose mission is to prepare students for entry into the job market in their chosen field.  The AAS is not a transfer degree.

The degrees offered within AAS are:

  • Associate in Applied Science in Multimedia Communication - Digital Graphic Design 
  • Associate in Applied Science in Multimedia Communication - Web Design 

College credit taken at technology centers will have an academic services fee of $8.00 per credit hour. Coursework taken on the Rose State campus will be subject to regular tuition and fee rates. High school students should contact your technology center alliance counselor to find out if you qualify for fee waivers. Adult students can contact your technology center alliance counselor regarding payment of academic service fees. Some centers may pay for adult fees.

Program Requirements

 High School Students
  • 2.5 GPA excluding Career Tech classes OR
  • 19 or higher on ACT OR
  • 15 or higher on ACT Plan (taken as a sophomore)
  • An official high school transcript
Adult Students
  • No qualifying requirements
  • You will need transcripts from high school, GED certificate, and any college work you have completed

Required Forms

High School Students
  • Application for Admission
  • Vaccination Status
  • Consent & Statement of Understanding for parent and student signature
  • Qualifying documentation & official high school transcript
  • Teacher signature sheet (Career Tech will provide)  
Adult Students
  • Application for Admission
  • Vaccination Status
  • Official transcripts from high school and previous college work
  • Teacher signature sheet (Career Tech will provide) 

Co-Enrollment Process 

You must be a current high school or adult student at one of the following technology centers:

  • Eastern Oklahoma County Technology Center
  • Gordon Cooper Technology Center
  • Mid-Del Technology Center
  • Metro Technology Centers
  • Moore Norman Technology Center

Complete all required forms and turn them in to designated Career Tech staff. Then meet with your Career Tech instructor to determine which classes you may co-enroll in each semester. Following that, visit Rose State (either in a group from your Career Tech or individually) and meet with an advisor who can help you co-enroll and get admitted. Call (405) 733-7395 if you need more information.

Remain In Good Standing

You must maintain a 2.0 or “C” average each semester in order to remain in “good standing” with the college. If your grades fall below a 2.0 average, you will not be allowed to co-enroll the following semester.

Privileges & Responsibilities

Co-enrollees get to enjoy all the benefits of being a Rose State student. You'll have an official ID card and can use our Wellness Center, library, bookstore, pool, weight room, etc. Plus, you can attend on-campus events and receive student discounts on concerts, plays, etc. at the Communications Center

Now that you're a student though, it's important to protect your transcript. Just like other college classes, the grades you receive at the technology center, in alliance courses, will stay on your transcript forever! If you should have to leave the Career Tech center during the semester, you MUST withdraw from the college or you will be given an “F” for Career Tech coursework you co-enrolled in and you will have to pay the academic service fees.

Financial Aid

Courses taken at the technology center, for college credit, count towards a student's financial aid (Pell Grant) lifetime totals. Remember that Pell Grants may be affected if students change majors or transfer college credit, withdraw from several classes or fall below the standard that each college has set for successful completion of each semester. Call 405-736-0244 if you need more information.

Forms & Resources

Career Technology Center Catalog (PDF)
Admissions Information (PDF)


How many hours can I get credit for?

It depends on your vocational program.

Will I have to take classes on the Rose State campus to get the credits from Career Tech centers?

No. The college credit you receive will only be for the classes/units taken while you are attending Career Tech classes.

How much does it cost?

An Academic Services Fee of $8 per credit hour will be charged.

Will I receive a bill for my classes and enrollment fee by mail?

No. At the time you co-enroll in classes, you will be given a class schedule/bill that will reflect your charges for that semester.

Can I enroll to obtain credit for classes I took at the career tech center after I complete my courses at career tech?

No. You MUST co-enroll while you are a student at a career tech center.

If I’m in my senior year, can I get all the credits I need to finish the degree before I graduate from high school?

You must finish all the Career Tech program requirements while you are attending career tech. This necessitates that you complete the career tech program! It is strongly recommended that you visit with your Rose State liaison, career tech counselor and instructor before you co-enroll to make sure you have a plan in place to complete the degree!

What about scholarships and financial aid if I decide to continue my education at Rose State?

The Office of Prospective Student Services has information on scholarships that are available to both high school and adult students. Financial aid information is available through the Rose State College Financial Aid office. It is recommended that a student schedule an appointment with a financial aid counselor at 405-736-0359 as early as possible to discuss financial aid opportunities.

Do I have to take a test to get co-enroll at Rose State College and the career tech center?

No. To receive college credit for the classes you are currently taking at a Career Tech, you do not have to take the ACCUPLACER exam at Rose State College. 

Will these courses I take at career tech, through Rose State College, transfer to another college or university?

The Oklahoma State Regent policy has entered into the cooperative agreements to offer educational opportunities that prepare students for immediate employment. These degrees are not for transfer.

Some universities have degrees for which they will accept an Associate in Applied Science degree as a transfer, however many do not. Look for universities that offer a Bachelor of Technology degree. In Oklahoma, Northeastern State University (Tahlequah) and OSU-Okmulgee are examples of universities that offer this degree.

Extra-institutional credit for classes taken at the career tech centers may also be available through a university.

Do these grades ever come off my transcript?

No. The grade you receive will be on your permanent record.

Do I receive a grade report from Rose State College?

Yes. You can access your grade or get a transcript from the kiosks located in the entrance to the Rose State College Administration Building. 

If I withdraw from Career Tech before completing my courses and have already co-enrolled at Rose State, do I also need to officially withdraw from Rose State?

Yes. When you complete an application for admission and co-enroll at Rose State, you are considered a Rose State College student. You must physically go to the Rose State College Admissions Office and officially withdraw during the designated times indicated on the Academic Calendar in this supplement. If you do not withdraw by the designated date you will be responsible for all tuition and fees.