Global & Cultural Learning

Passport to Learning

Global & Cultural Learning

Passport Program

  • Experience culture WITHOUT an official passport!
  • Bring your family and friends to help you enjoy the cultural experiences of the Rose State College Passport Program.

What is the Passport Program?

The Passport Program encourages students to increase their awareness of the arts and culture within their own community, throughout the state, and in neighboring states.

What kinds of activities are included?

View the Fall 2018 Schedule (PDF)

What's in it for me?

  • Employers are seeking employees who have knowledge of and experience with the arts and cultures besides their own. This program gives students an opportunity to enhance their knowledge in several areas.
  • All who earn 100 Passport Program points earn the Rose State College Achievement in Global and Cultural Learning.
  • Some professors will offer extra credit for participation.
  • You may even choose to participate for Honors credit in some classes.
  • On a more personal level, you will gain new perspectives and be able to reflect on new experiences.

How does it work?

  1. Complete and submit the enrollment form below or contact either Professor Lori Morrow in HU 118 at or Professor Sherri Mussatto in HU 118 at and provide your name and student ID so that you can be enrolled in the program in D2L.
  3. Log in to D2L and look for the Passport to Learning link in your list of classes for the semester.  No, it's really not a class, but you will get information, updates, assignments, and keep track of your points here.
  5. Access the list of activities for the semester to plan your participation.  As new activities become available, they will be listed as news items on the D2L homepage.
  7. Attend the events, museums, and other activities on the list. After you attend, complete either the questions or the response paper that corresponds with the activity/event and submit to the D2L Dropbox within 2 weeks of the event.  Once this is done, you will receive credit in the Passport Program D2L gradebook.
  9. The goal is to get to 100 points, and each event is assigned different points.  Special recognition will be given to all students who earn 100 points.
  10. For some, the goal may be to just have fun while enjoying new experiences instead of earning points.  We encourage all levels of participation.

Passport Program Enrollment Form

Whom should I contact with questions?

Sherri Mussatto
Sherri Mussatto
Professor Humanities Division
(405) 733-7503
Lori Morrow
Lori Morrow
Professor Humanities Division
(405) 733-7507

 Philbrook Museum