Students observing a drone demonstration

Aerospace Flight Camp

CLC’s Aerospace Flight Camp demonstrates the fun you can have putting science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) to use, as seen in this drone demonstration.
Youngster experimenting with a prosthesis hand made in the FabLab

FabLab Innovations

A young boy tries on a prosthesis hand, one of many wonderful inventions made in the FabLab!
Seniors honored at a tea at the Atkinson Heritage Center

Seniors Honored at a Tea

President Webb speaks to the Community Learning Center's seniors at a tea in their honor at the Atkinson House

EmPower & EmPower Works


College degree programs, fast-track certificate programs, internship opportunities and structured job search programs are available to students who meet eligibility requirements.

With Rose State's EmPower program, single parents and couples experiencing under-employment have an opportunity to take advantage of college degree programs, complete short-term programs, foster relationships through internship opportunities and participate in structured job search activities.
Rose State's EmPower Works program provides assistance to needy families by improving job skills and self-confidence — it's a community partnership program that works!

Together, we are opening the door of opportunity to help break the cycle of poverty — we have life-changing stories of students who have become self-sufficient or currently on the road to self-sufficiency.