Rose State College Professor Recognized as Teacher of the Week Published April 13, 2017

Rose State College Professor Recognized as Teacher of the Week

Rose State College mathematics Professor Jack Moeller entered the classroom Monday morning with a blank expression on his face. Under the pretense of a surprise “meeting”, Professor Moeller was led in to a room unlike his typical classroom. Instead of students filling the seats, this room was filled with peers, cameras, and the crew from Oklahoma City radio station Magic 104.1.

Each week, Magic 104.1 recognizes a different Oklahoma Educator as their Teacher of the Week, with Moeller being the first college professor to be recognized.     

Professor Moeller was nominated by Jessica A., a current Rose State College studying majoring in sociology. Jessica cited specific examples of Professor Jack Moeller’s dedication to serve his students the needs of his students in her nomination. Of these examples, one action stands apart to Jessica – Moeller’s willingness to tutor his students (and former students in Jessica’s case) on weekends, and for extended periods of time. Jessica A. directly attributes her success in the mathematics program at Rose State College to Moeller, even stating, “It is nice to know there’s a professor that genuinely cares about the student succeeding!”

Moeller, and professor at Rose State College for almost 8 years, holds both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in mathematics from Oklahoma State University, and primarily teaches Rose State’s developmental math classes. When asked about Moeller, Wayne Jones, dean of the Engineering and Science division, mentioned that Moeller has led many initiatives to revamp our developmental classes, and plays a key role in the placement and testing function for mathematics courses. Moeller also works to support Rose State College’s Achieving the Dream initiative, and the Math Pathways initiative. Needless to say, Professor Moeller is a busy man.

When asked if he had any words of advice for people or students Professor Moeller simply said, “Math is nothing you should be scared about. It’s just like any other subject just take your time and you can succeed.”

Jessica A.’s full letter nominating Professor Moeller for Teacher of the Week can be read below:

“Professor Moeller is a math teacher at Rose State. Out of the 4 math courses I was required to take he teaches three of them…. Of course as you go up the classes get harder. I am horrible at math and it was very discouraging for me. However, since the first day I attended class with Professor Moeller and witnessed the wonderful teaching from him my mind was set at ease! Not only does he take his time teaching, he also is more than willing to sacrifice weekends to tutor you for as long as it takes for you to understand the topic. Because of him I passed all three courses with an A. I am currently in my 4th and final math course, which he doesn’t teach and I was confident I was going to fail. Professor Moeller stepped in and has been tutoring me every weekend as well as several other students from the class for sometimes as long as 6 hours at a time! That speaks volumes right there when a professor is willing to sacrifice his time to help students who aren't even in his class anymore! It is nice to know there's a professor that genuinely cares about the student succeeding!”

Jessica A./Rose State College sociology student