Rose State Invests In Softball Facility Upgrades Published March 15, 2018

An evening softball game at Rose State CollegeAdds new field lights, bleachers, and press box ahead of 2018 Regional Tournament

Rose State College is pleased to announce field and amenity upgrades for the RSC Softball facilities, including the additions of new field lights, new bleachers, and a press box along the third baseline. These new additions will provide new opportunities for Rose State Athletics, as well as larger opportunities for Rose State College and the Mid-Del community. The first opportunity to showcase the improved facilities will be in May, during the 2018 NJCAA Regional Softball Tournament.

“We have a directive to make Rose State one of the best community colleges in America,” said Joey DaVault, Athletic Director for Rose State College. “We are long overdue in modernizing our facilities, improving them for both student-athletes and the fans.”

The field lights are perhaps the brightest update to the field. Until recently, Raider Softball could only be played during the day, sometimes creating challenges with scheduling. Rose State now has the ability to host night games, creating flexibility with regards to scheduling. The ability to play fewer games mid-day during the week should also It should also allow for increased attendance from both RSC students, and the community.

Rose State College softball press boxIn addition to the lights is an all-new press box on top of the home dugout along the third baseline. The press box will include two interior rooms with views of the field, with a third room set-aside as a changing room for the game’s umpires.

The softball field improvements are the latest in a plan to modernize the RSC athletic facilities. During the summer of 2017, the significant improvements were made to the soccer field to improve drainage, and well as smoothing of the field to improve gameplay.

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