Why Your Children Should Go to Kids College Published May 3, 2018

Children at Rose State Kid’s College Summer break means no school, but it doesn’t mean the learning must end. If you’re a parent searching for activities for your children and teenagers to participate in during the summer months, look no further. Rose State’s Kids College and Teen Scene summer programs offer an exciting summer camp experience for kids to continue learning year-round while having fun at the same time. With camp activities ranging from computer programming and video game design to no-bake cooking and Pokémon-centric math, there’s bound to be something for every child to enjoy.

What are Kids College and Teen Scene?

Kids College and Teen Scene are safe and educational summer camp options hosted at Rose State College Monday through Thursday during summer break. Camps are available to children entering Kindergarten through 10th grade. Morning (9 a.m. – 12 p.m.) and afternoon (1 – 4 p.m.) sessions are available each day, with parents having the option to enroll their child for a full day of fun or sign them up for just the morning or afternoon camp activity.

“Kids College and Teen Scene camps provide a unique experience for kids to engage in learning during the summer,” says Erin Karl, Kids College Program Manager. “Rose State offers a high-quality program that allows kids to follow their interests in the summer, assists with retaining knowledge during summer break, and boosts confidence that will assist them when they return to school in the fall. Parents know that when they send their kid(s) to Kids College, they are getting the best quality for the price.” 

This summer marks the 16th year for Kids College at Rose State. Over 122 camps will be offered throughout the summer and new camp activities begin each week that are tailored for each age group to match their learning needs and skill levels. Camps are capped at 20 students to ensure that each child can fully experience the scheduled lessons and learn from instructors in a one-on-one environment. 

To further ensure that each student continues their learning during the summer break, all Kids College and Teen Scene camps are taught by certified school teachers, college instructors, or professionals/experts in their field. Many Kids College instructors are former teachers of the year for their schools and many have been nominated for state and national awards. Each instructor takes great pride in working with their students and genuinely enjoys teaching each Kids College or Teen Scene camper. 

“Kids College is a great opportunity for local kids and also perfect for your family members visiting during the summer,” says Rick Woodard, Director of the Community Learning Center at Rose State. “We had a family last year who was in town for a wedding and Kids College provided two weeks for their children to be in a learning environment while having fun.” 

Dynamic Learning Experience

At Kids College or Teen Scene, your child won’t just be sitting in a classroom listening to lectures. They’ll be actively engaging in activities designed to get their creative juices flowing. Each camp includes a mix of reading, math, working in groups, and many other concepts to help your child learn while also tapping into their critical thinking and creativity skills. 

“All classes are unique, dynamic learning experiences for children that are not often offered in regular classroom venues,” says Woodard. “Camps are not lecture-style, but rather full engaging activities for children.” 

Kids College and Teen Scene offer high-quality programs that allow students to follow their interests in the summer, assist with retaining knowledge during summer break, and boost confidence that will assist them when they return to school in the fall. 

“We understand that keeping your child’s mind active and engaged in learning during the summer is very important,” Woodard continues. “With eight weeks away from school, it may be very difficult for your child to sustain skills and prepare for the learning curve required for entry into the fall grade level. For this reason, we have developed camps to assist with your child’s continued learning over the summer.” 

In addition to keeping the learning flowing during the summer, acquainting your child with the concept of college at a young age can be a great benefit. Kids College and Teen Scene staff members mentor students and strive to provide an example to students of the importance of doing well in school and the possibility of going to college. 

Thoughtfully Designed Classes

The Kids College staff is constantly conducting research to understand best learning practices and topics that are not only interesting for the students but also beneficial for their continued learning. For example, as technology continues to evolve, it’s important for students to be introduced to STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics) concepts early on. Some of the new and interesting camps this summer provide challenging topics that are STEAM oriented, including “Story Building & Creative Writing”, which allows your little one to become an author and illustrator of their very own picture book and “Poké-Math! Gotta Count ‘Em All”, which merges math concepts with the world of Pokémon. 

Kindergarten camps are an excellent opportunity to provide a jump start for children about to enter the classroom. Kids College provides classes such as “Math Mania” in which the instructor will provide engaging activities to begin learning addition and subtraction with fun activities.

For 1st or 2nd graders, “Let’s Make Music” will introduce children to instruments, playing singing games, reading musical books, and making instruments to take home

Many 3rd or 4th graders may already play the Minecraft® video game. The “Mastering Minecraft®” and “Minecraft® Builders: Create Your World!” camps utilize the Minecraft® world to design and build a perfectly functioning city in creative mode.

The “Electronic Circuits camp” is a new class offered for 5th and 6th graders. Students are provided experiments with electricity using relatively common household objects. Campers will build a circuit using fruits and vegetables, “squishy” items, and paper as well as participate in several other activities such as constructing a simple series circuit using a potato and/or lemon to light an LED.

For teens in 7th to 10th grade, “Learn2Code” will teach them to use critical thinking skills to plan and conduct research, manage projects, solve problems, and make informed decisions using appropriate digital tools and resources. Students will learn how to instruct a character to move properly in order to reach a specified target. This is a great camp that students will leave each day with different understandings of how to code.

A full list of available camps and topics for 2018 can be at rose.edu/kids.

Why Choose Kids College

Rose State’s Kids College and Teen Scene programs aren’t just fun and games, they also offer parents a summer camp environment they can trust. 

“I have been a teacher for the Mid-Del School District for the past 12 years and principal of Rose State Kids College and Teen Scene for the past 4 years,” says Megan Paris, principal of Kids College and Teen Scene. “As a foster parent, my child also attended Kids College. Having been in these various roles has given me a unique perspective of the camps that we provide. Our programs allow students the opportunity to expand their knowledge and go beyond what they learn in the regular classroom. Kids are fully engaged in a safe and fun learning environment. I am so proud to be part of a program that makes such a difference in the lives of children and families.”

When parents drop off their children at Kids College or Teen Scene, they can rest assured that their child is not just given busy work to complete until it’s time to leave. Instead, Kids College and Teen Scene attendees are learning from dedicated, talented instructors who want nothing more than for their campers to walk away from camp with new and exciting knowledge they didn’t have before. 

“As a mother, I worry about what to do for my kids during the summer,” says Jennifer Pitman, parent of a Kids College camper. “I was excited to find Rose State Kids College. They help keep the learning going all through the summer! My son loved going every day and was sad when the summer ended. With their help, my kindergarten son was one of the top kids in his class. He is reading and enjoying it! In my son’s own words, ‘Mom, when can I go back to college? Fossil class was a blast!’”

Safety First

The safety of all children is taken very seriously by Rose State. Not only do Kids College and Teen Scene offer fun activates, they also provide a safe environment for children to spend their summer vacation. At Kids College, a high-tech system called Kid-Check is in place for checking all children in and out of class. The system also updates parents via text message when their child has been checked in or out, or if an emergency occurs on campus that they need to be made aware of. All instructors and staff also attend an orientation to address emergency situations, discipline, and best practices for teaching. 

“As director of the program, I place great emphasis on all staff that the Kids College and Teen Scene mission is to provide a fun, learning, and safe environment,” says Woodard. Your child is provided a certified teacher, an onsite principal, a Midwest City police officer on duty, and over 20 staff members to assure your child is provided the best environment for safety and learning at all times.” 

Enroll Your Child Today

Ready to enroll your child in Kids College or Teen Scene? Our online registration system makes it easier than ever. Simply browse through the available classes and camps and sign up for those you or your child are interested in. Camps run from 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. and/or 1 – 4 p.m., and children are welcome to stay on-site during the break. Enrollment fees range from $69- $79. The specialty STEAM and No-Bake Cooking camps are $79 for special technology requirements and baking supplies that will be used each day of the camp. 

Information and online registration for the Kids College and Teen Scene programs is located at rose.edu/kids. Call the Community Learning Center for assistance with enrollment or questions at 405-733-7392. 

“Kids College is by far my favorite place to teach,” says Whitney Broussard, Kids College instructor. “Each program gives students fun, hands-on activities that not only allow them to learn but create lasting memories for both the students and the teachers. With subjects and special interest classes for all ages, every child can find somewhere to expand their knowledge and skills, all while having a blast!”