Rose State Professors Lead Drone Panel During 'Curiosity Fest 2019' Published September 25, 2019 by Daniel Beck

Steve Fowler Guy Crain and Brandon Burres with droneThree Rose State College professors will tackle the many questions surrounding drones and the use of UAS during an interactive panel during Curiosity Fest 2019. The panel, titled “Drones and Your Life: History, Legality and Ethics,” will be led by RSC professors Guy Crain, Brandon Burress, and Steven Fowler, and will discuss how the rise of UAS and Drones affects everyone.

“There are lots of legal and ethical issues to discuss," said Guy Crain, Philosophy professor at Rose State College. "This technology introduces concerns of an ethical nature that affects everyone. How do drones play into our rights to privacy and even anonymity?"

The three-person panel will take place as a part "Curiosity Fest," an event designed to promote humanities education in Oklahoma. This single-day event will take place October 5 at the Oklahoma City University School of Law, and will feature twenty-four interactive sessions for attendees. "Curiosity Fest" will also include a panel from Rose State College professor and Human Rights Activist, Nyla Khan.

"I think this topic is unique because it doesn't just affect the technical aspect of drones. The discussion here is multi-faceted and goes beyond just the science. There are real questions here," stated Crain.

Curiosity Fest is free, open to the public, and will take place October 5, 2019, from 12 p.m.  – 7 p.m at the Oklahoma City University School of Law. The interactive panel sessions will begin at 1:15 p.m.

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