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Pre-Veterinary Medicine and Animal Welfare Club

The Pre-Veterinary Medicine and Animal Welfare (PAW) Club provides students with educational, networking, and service opportunities related to their academic and personal interests in veterinary medicine, animal welfare, or a variety of related studies. The mission of the club is to bring together students who are interested in these subjects to help them become successful in their endeavors by offering various resources and activities. A few examples of events PAW Club participates in or attend include:

  • Oklahoma State University Pre-Vet Club meetings with speakers on various animal health and veterinary medicine topics. These meetings provide students with opportunities to attend informational seminars and engage in unique volunteer events
  • Volunteer at local animal shelters and rescues facilities
  • OSU Center for Veterinary Health Sciences Open House
  • Tour facilities such as small and large animal clinics, animal shelters, and wildlife or exotic rescues.


          The PAW Club typically meets on the first and third Tuesday of each month at 2 p.m. in the Student Center main dining room. All students are welcome to attend meetings.


Leanne W. May
Professor, Biological Sciences 
phone: 405.733.7553  email: