RSC Retiree Association



A group of RSC retirees has formed an association to promote fellow/sistership among those who have retired from Rose State College.

Our hope is that you will choose to join our association. While we are an independent organization, we operate with the approval of and in cooperation with Rose State College.  We will request/use College facilities for meetings and activities.

Our officers include the following:

President: Dr. Frances Hendrix
Vice-President:  Mike Driskill
Secretary:  Isabelle (Izzy) Billen
Treasurer: Linda Tucker
Member-At-Large:  Bill Wilson
Member-At-Large:  Jan Bugby
Member-At-Large:  Toney Dake
Member-At-Large:  Melissa Huffman
Member-At-Large:  Linda Whaley
College Liaison:  Claudia Buckmaster or
Web Design:  Ken Roper

If you have questions about our association, please feel free to e-mail any of us.


According to our Constitution, a retiree is anyone receiving a monetary retirement benefit through Rose State College, although honorary membership is available to those who have worked at the College but do not receive any retirement benefits.  Our annual membership fee is $10.00.  A lifetime membership may be purchased for $50.00   Annual memberships are active for one calendar year.  (Jan. 1, 2021 thru Dec. 31, 2021)  We have a mailbox at RSC, and membership fees may be submitted to Retirees’ Association, Rose State College, 6420 SE 15th Street, Midwest City, Oklahoma, 73110.  We are a young-at-heart team who believe we can be meaningful to the College and to each other.

Retirees may go to Student Services Building 100 to obtain a Retirees’ ID.  This admits you to the Wellness Center, the LRC to check out books along with access to computers, and the Aquatic Center when it opens after maintenance is completed.  We have tentative plans and will send them to you in future newsletters.  Some of the future projects we hope to create are a journal writing project and a retirees’ Hall of Fame.  The next general meeting of the Association will be sometime this summer. Of course, we anticipate many other exciting and productive initiatives based on your ideas.  We have a page on Facebook.  There is also a book discussion group associated with the page.  

The links are:  

Book Discussion Group: 

Facebook Page: