Davenport, James

Davenport, James

James Davenport is an award-winning professor who combines a strong academic background in Political Science with practical experience in a variety of areas related to his discipline. Known as an engaging and innovative educator with a strong passion for learning, Professor Davenport was recognized as the Oklahoma Political Science Association’s “Teacher of the Year” in 2016 and received the Rose State College “Excellence in Teaching Award” in 2017.

In December of 2018, Professor Davenport was named the President of the Oklahoma Political Science Association (OPSA). The OPSA brings together scholars and practitioners from all fields of inquiry and occupational endeavors within and outside academia to foster a better understanding of the political issues, institutions, processes, and actors which shape the civic life of Oklahoma and the United States. Professor Davenport was appointed as president after a successful term as the 2018 program chair for the OPSA’s annual conference, which was hosted by Rose State College.

Professor Davenport was accepted into the Doctoral Program at Swansea University (Wales, UK) in 2019 and his research will focus on the impact of personal networks on legislative success. He is also the founder of the “Great Debates: Politics, Power, & People” panel series at Rose State College. This series invites academics, practitioners, and other experts on various topics to share their knowledge and insights with the students, faculty and community of Rose State College. He has also hosted a book club for students and served as a co-facilitator for multiple student colloquia.

Professor Davenport has been a regular presenter for the Oklahoma Council for Economics Education and has made a variety of presentations to community groups and campus organizations. His commentaries on political, economic, and social issues have been published by the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE.org), the Oklahoman, NonDoc.com, and The McCarville Report Online, and reprinted internationally. He is frequently interviewed by local as well as national and international journalists.


Master of Arts, Political Science, University of Central Oklahoma – 2000
Bachelor of Science, Political Science, Southern Nazarene University – 1997


POLS 1113, American Federal Government
POLS 2103, Introduction to Political Science
POLS 2213, Introduction to Campaigns & Elections (Spring of Odd Numbered Years)
POLS 2303, Introduction to Mass Media and Politics (Fall of Even Numbered Years)
POLS 2403, Introduction to Comparative Politics
POLS 2703, Introduction to State & Local Government
POLS 2803, Introduction to Political Theory 

Research Areas and Areas

Political Ideologies
Religion in Politics
Economic Perceptions and Behaviors 

Areas of Interest

  • Political Theory 
  • Civil Society
  • Civil Society
  • Political Economy
  • Campaigns & Elections
  • U.S. Education Policy
  • Political & Economic Behavior
  • U.S. Fiscal Policy
  • Public Opinion
  • U.S. Macroeconomic Policy
  • Interest Groups
  • Comparative Economic Systems


Survey of Oklahoma College Students’ Perceptions of Selected Economic Issues, Mariya Burdina, James Davenport, Sue Lynn Sasser, Pending 
Political Perceptions in Central Oklahoma, Oklahoma Politics. Vol. 9, November 2000. 
The Problem of Poverty: A Religious and Political Perspective, Proceedings of the First Graduate Research Conference. University of Central Oklahoma. April, 1999.

Relevant Work Experience

Vice President of Client Relations, Shapard Research/SoonerPoll. 2010-2011.
Host, LifeBytes Radio Program. 2007.
Chief of Staff, County Commissioner Stan Inman. 2003-2007
President, J. Madison Communications. 2001-2003
Host, Oklahoma Business Update Radio Program. 2001-2002
Field Representative, U.S. Representative Ernest Istook. 1995-2001.

Helpful Links 

Government Links

U.S. House of Representatives – www.house.gov
U.S. Senate – www.senate.gov
U.S. President – www.whitehouse.gov
U.S. Supreme Court – www.supremecourt.gov
Oklahoma House of Representatives – www.okhouse.gov
Oklahoma Senate – www.oksenate.gov
Oklahoma Governor – www.ok.gov/governor/
Oklahoma Supreme Court – www.oscn.net/oscn/schome/start.htm

Political Parties

National Republican Committee – www.gop.com
National Democrat Committee – www.democrats.org
National Libertarian Party – www.lp.org
Green Party of the U.S. – www.gp.org
Constitution Party – www.constitutionparty.com
Oklahoma Republican Party – www.okgop.com
Oklahoma Democrat Party – www.okdemocrats.org
Oklahoma Libertarian Party – www.oklahomalp.org
Green Party of Oklahoma – www.okgreens.org

Ideological Organizations (Think Tanks)

Cato Institute – www.cato.org
Progressive Policy Institute – www.progressivepolicy.org
Heritage Foundation – www.heritage.org
Brookings Institute – www.brookings.edu
Rand Corporation – www.rand.org
American Enterprise Institute – www.aei.org
Oklahoma Policy Institute – www.okpolicy.org
Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs – www.ocpathink.org
Carl Albert Center – www.ou.edu/carlalbertcenter.html


CNN – www.cnn.com
Fox News – www.foxnews.com
MSNBC – www.msnbc.com
New York Times – www.nytimes.com
Wall Street Journal – www.wsj.com
USA Today – www.usatoday.com
Time Magazine – www.time.com
U.S. News & World Report – www.usnews.com
National Review – www.nationalreview.com
New Republic – www.newrepublic.com
The Weekly Standard – www.weeklystandard.com
Salon Magazine – www.salon.com
Huffington Post – www.huffingtonpost.com
Reason Magazine – www.reason.com
The Oklahoma – www.newsok.com
The Tulsa World – www.tulsaworld.com
Oklahoma Watch – www.oklahomawatch.org