Political Science

Great Debates

panelThe Great Debates: Power, Politics, and People series brings experts from academia, government and politics, industry, and the media to the Rose State College campus to offer their perspectives on topics of concern to students and citizens. Rose State Political Science professor Dr. Emily Stacey coordinates the series and works with experts across Oklahoma to engage with our students, faculty, and community on issues confronting our state and nation.

These events are free and open to the public and surrounding campus community. They are held in the Student Union, First National Bank Ballroom unless otherwise specified, and students, faculty and staff.

The series is sponsored by McGraw-Hill and the Rose State College POLS department, and aims to enlighten the audience on issues impacting contemporary politics. Recent panels facilitated by Dr. Stacey include: Is That a Robot Doing Your Job, over the impacts of automation, artificial intelligence, and robotics (Spring 2019); Criminal Justice Reform, featuring former OK Speaker of the House and Criminal Justice reform advocate, Kris Steele (Fall 2019); Political Ideology and the 2020 Campaign, which highlighted the turbulent election and electoral politics of 2020 (Spring 2020); and most recently, an engaging and important discussion on the McGirt vs. Oklahoma Supreme Court Decision (Fall 2021).

April 14, 2022 – 2022 Midterm Election Conversation

The 2022 midterm election campaigns are underway and will have immense consequences on local, state, and national politics. This panel of election experts, ranging from Democrat and Republican campaign strategists and insiders, to academics, and members of the OK media will discuss the campaigns, candidates, issues, and politics at play at all levels of politics. This event is open to the public and voters are encouraged to attend. For more information, contact Dr. Emily Stacey.

In each panel, Dr. Stacey will present an argument on the topic and the invited panelists will respond to that argument. Members of the audience will also have an opportunity to ask questions of the panelists. Those watching via our live stream will be able to submit questions as well. We invite you to be a part of the conversation with each semester’s panel.  

2022 Great Debates Flyer (PDF)

Great Debates Panel Criminal Justice Reform (PDF)
Political Ideology And The 2020 Campaign (PDF)
LRC Great Debates Panel (PDF)