Cyber Security Education

Cyber Security Development

To understand the scope of student opportunities enjoyed by Rose State College students, it is important to understand the uniqueness of its setting.  With 27,000 civilian and military personnel, Tinker Air Force Base is the largest air depot installation in the United States and the largest employer of the state of Oklahoma.  Many of these employees and their dependents are Rose State College students.  As Rose State College is located less than a mile from the gates, Rose State College has a long-standing relationship with the Base. Beginning in 1971, the College has been the preferred location for Tinker AFB training workshops.  In 2009, the College hosted 14,000 individuals in credit and non-credit training in the Professional Education and Training Center.  Approximately 90% of the training was Tinker AFB and related. 

To serve its constituents such as Tinker AFB and its contractors and the state of Oklahoma, Rose State College has developed many courses which incorporate CNSS certificates into the two-year associates degree. Faculty members associated with CSEC have worked across several states to standardize programs in the area of Cyber Security, Information Assurance and Digital Forensics.


Networking A.A.S. at RSC Degree

Cyber Security A.A.S. at RSC Degree

Computer Information Technology A.A.S. at RSC Degree


Certificate for NSTISSI 4011 - Information System Security Professional

Certificate for CNSS 4012 - Senior System Managers

Certificate for CNSS 4013 - System Administrators

Certificate for CNSS 4014 - Information System Security Officer

Certificate for CNSS 4015 - System Certifier

Certificate for CNSS 4016 - Risk Analyst

Articulation Agreements


Links to Courses with Lab Training

All the classes taught in the Rose State Cyber Security program are application based and utilize a “hands-on” portion and experiential lab training. The percentage of lab training has recently increased with the implementation of the virtualization infrastructure.

Courses that incorporate a lab component:
CIT 2323 Network Security course

CIT 2563 Computer Security course

CIT 1503 Intro to Networks course

CIT 1523 Micro Hardware and Operating Systems course

CIT 2513 Secure Electronic Commerce course

CIT 2603 Secure Auditing and Penetration Testing course