Health Information Management (HIM)


HIT AAS Advisement - Fall 2019 (PDF)
Health Information Technology Associate in Applied Science Degree Sheet - 2020 (PDF)

All Support & Related courses must be completed with a minimum grade of a “C” or higher. General Education and Support & Related courses (in bold) can be completed prior to beginning the program courses; however, program courses will still require two years for completion in their required sequence.  

Students are strongly encouraged to speak with a Health Sciences Advisor every semester to help stay on track and be prepared to apply.  

First Fall Semester (18 cr. hrs.)

ENGL 1113   English Comp I 

HSBC 1113   Medical Terminology*

PSYC  1113   Intro to Psychology

CIT     1093   Microcomputer Applications*     

HSHI  1104   Intro to Health Information+

HSHI 1112   Legal Aspects-Health Information 

First Spring Semester (15 cr. hrs.)

ENGL   1213   English Comp II+            

HSBC   1104   Anatomy & Physiology*

HSHI    1213   Health Information Statistics & Data Display+

HSHI    1222   Prof. Practice Experience I+

HSHI    2102   Health Information in Alternate Care Settings+

HSHI   2631  Pharmacology for Health Information

Second Fall Semester (16 cr. hrs.)

POLS   1113   American Federal Government       

HSBC   2103   Human Pathology+*             

HSHI    2203   Coding I+

HSHI    2213   Health Information Mgmt+

HSHI    2222   Prof. Practice Experience II+

HSHI   2232   Quality Improvement+


Second Spring Semester (16 cr. hrs.)

HIST    1483   US History to 1877 (or)

HIST    1493   US History since 1877

HSHI   2212   Healthcare Reimbursement Methodologies       

HSHI   2322   Prof. Practice Experience III+   

HSHI   2332   Health Information Seminar+

HSHI   2424   Coding II+

HSHI   2533   Advanced Coding+


+Check course description for prerequisite that must be met

*Must be completed within five years of application to the program

If the recommended sequence is not followed, students may be unable to graduate within the regular program length (2 years) and may not be able to schedule courses as needed.  HSHI courses are scheduled only in the semesters as indicated above.