Health Information Management (HIM)

Mental And Physical Qualifications

In order to be successful in the Health Information Management Program and in future careers, students must possess the following general qualities: interest, motivation, critical thinking skills, sound judgment, integrity, emotional stability and maturity, interpersonal skills and the ability to learn and function in a wide variety of didactic and clinical settings.

In order for a student to be considered for admission and progression through the program, the student must have:

  1. Ability to acquire and apply information from classroom instruction, laboratory, and professional practice experience, independent learning, and team projects
  2. Ability to communicate effectively in English in an oral and written form with faculty, colleagues, healthcare professionals, patients and the general public
  3. Ability to use computers and complete computer-based assignments in a timely manner (Note: Students who are not proficient on computer keyboards and basic computer software applications should take a keyboarding class and or a microcomputer applications course before applying to the program)
  4. Ability to read and comprehend technical and professional materials in print and on computer monitors, computer forms and views, and small print in diagnostic and procedural code manuals
  5. Ability to function (consult, negotiate, share) as part of a team
  6. Ability to think critically and use problem solving skills
  7. Ability to resolve conflicts appropriately and function effectively in stressful situations and adapt to ever-changing health care systems and regulations
  8. Ability to perform work, often requiring prolonged sitting and computer usage
  9. Ability to hear verbal instructions within the academic and professional settings

(Adapted from the AHIMA Professional Practice Experience (PPE) Guide, Version IV: December 2014), Courtesy of:  DeVonica Vaught, RHIA, Indian River Community College, FL and Robyn Roncelli, MA, RHIA of Macomb College.)


Rose State College will provide reasonable accommodations to persons with disabilities in order for students to have access to educational programs and services. Students with disabilities requiring accommodations should make the initial request for accommodation to the Student Access Services Office, LRC Room 125, or call (405) 733-7407. See the current RSC Student Handbook for further details.