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Pinning Ceremony for Nursing Program Graduates
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Nursing Science - Beginning Track Program

Instructions for New Students

Congratulations on your acceptance to our Nursing Program!

There are several documents that need action taken on in a short time frame.
You must open each link, print each page, and follow instructions.  All documents are PDFs.
Most have deadlines so pay attention to them!

Important Dates Spring 2023

1.    Accept or decline spot - October 21, 2022 by 4:00 pm

Please send an email to to either accept or decline your spot. If you do not send an email by the deadline (October 21, 2022 by 4:00 pm), your spot will be considered declined and will be given to the next student. 

Keep a copy of your acceptance letter, because it is the ONLY proof of being in the Nursing program. You may need this for Financial Aid verifications during the program, Work verifications, and next semester’s paperwork. 

If you have not applied for financial aid, please do so at Rose State’s School Code is 009185. The financial aid office here is 405-733-7424.

Check out your eligibility for Workforce Oklahoma tuition assistance and Supplies/Books at

Also, sign up for scholarships at click on A-Z, then S, then Scholarships. In addition to general scholarships, there are Nursing Program scholarships. Only one application is necessary.

2.    Order your Nurse Pack (Supply Kit)  December 21, 2022

You must order your supply kit online, by fax, or by mail from Coursey Enterprises. They will not accept an order by phone. You will have to pay by credit card.

  • First semester students in Beginning Track will need the kit called “PNC 1 Nurse Pack”. See Attachment #1A
  • Third and Fourth semester students will need the kit called “PNC 3 & 4 Nurse Pack”. See Attachment #1B

The supply kits will be sent to the school and are non-refundable. If you do not order your kit immediately, you run the risk of it not being here by the time classes start.

All orders after December 21 will be charged a $15 late charge by the shipper.

3.    Drug Screening: To be completed by December 30, 2022.

Take the attached order form attachment #2 to Compliance Resources Group. The charge is $25, cash only, and be sure you have a photo ID. The results will be sent to the Nursing Program Director. After your test, you will not need to do anything further. Failure to comply by December 30 will be considered a refusal to test and you may lose your spot in the program.

4.    Background check— December 30, 2022

Background checks must be completed on all students before enrolling in clinicals to meet the requirements of the facilities used.  We are using GroupOne Services.

The cost for this is approximately $50.00 and must be paid by credit card when the background check is ordered on the GroupOne website. You must order your background check no later than December 30 so a confirmation can be returned to the Nursing Director. 

5.     Deadline Mandatory Clinical Requirements Immunizations/CPR—January 4, 2023

Your immunizations are also required to enter clinical facilities.  You must start on your immunizations immediately and upload your proof of those into a web-based system called My Clinical Exchange no later than January 4. This helps ensure that clinical rotations are organized, efficient, and easier to manage for students, schools, and clinical facilities. 


The cost for this web-based system is $39.50, and must be paid at the time you register.

The website is 

Please see Attachment 4 for information on using MyClinicalExchange, a list of required immunizations, and locations where you may obtain the necessary immunizations or titers.

6.    Enrollment—No options, will be done after proof of correct uploaded documentation.

We will handle your enrollment in the Nursing program classes as soon as we can – once your documents are uploaded and verified in MyClinicalExchange. You will receive a copy of your schedule at your course orientation.  For financial aid questions, you may contact the advisors at

7.  Textbooks/Uniform Patches – There is a required textbook package with digital access.  The textbook package is the same for semester 1 students and Career Ladder (semester 3).  See attachment 5 for instructions.

Uniform patches are available in the bookstore – you should purchase one for each uniform top and jacket that you plan on wearing.  These are usually less than $5 each at the bookstore.  More details are in the uniform attachments #6 below.

8.    Uniform and Equipment Requirements:  You will be required to have a uniform with a patch and student ID badge for clinical rotations. Your uniform will include scrubs, scrub jacket (optional), and shoes. (Semester 1 students will not be required to wear their uniforms until the third week of school.) In addition to your clinical badge, you must also have a regular Rose State College student photo ID. You may wear your uniform scrub top or a solid color top or T-shirt to have your photo made for the clinical badge. This badge can be made after orientation and before your clinicals start. Please get your regular Rose State College student photo ID card first. Do not try to get your clinical badge made until after your orientation, because we will not provide the names of eligible students until after orientation.  Please see attachment 6A & attachment #6B.

9.    New Student Orientation— Monday January 9, 2023 8:30 am to 4:00 pm. HSC 157

All students that are new to the RSC Nursing program are required to come to the orientation. See attachment 7:  Additional Information

10.    Course Orientation: PNC 1 January 10, 2023 9:00 am to 4:00 pm HSC 157

This orientation is for all first-semester students.  PNC 1 means “first” semester.

11.    Course Orientation: PNC 2 January 11, 2023 9:00 am - 12:00 pm HSC 155

This orientation is for all second-semester students.  

12.    Course Orientation: PNC 3 January 11, 2023 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm HSC 157

This orientation is for all third-semester students.  This is also for new Career Ladder students, daytime and online options. 

13.    Course Orientation: PNC 4 January 6, 2023—12:00-3:00 pm HSC 157

This orientation is for fourth-semester students.