Liberal Arts & Sciences


The Liberal Arts & Sciences teach students how to think, not what to think—through an educational tradition that prepares each person with the reasoning and communication skills needed to thrive in an increasingly complex and shifting world.

The Social Sciences and Humanities departments, which comprise the Liberal Arts & Sciences Division at Rose State College, provide an education that both broadens the mind and provides the marketable skills employers seek.

Message from the Dean:

Welcome to the Liberal Arts & Sciences Division, newly formed in fall 2021 to align student transfers more effectively with other Oklahoma colleges. The Liberal Arts originate in classical antiquity, where their study was essential to calling oneself a free and educated person. That is, someone who can think logically, solve problems, and lead others to reach across traditional boundaries: Someone with the skills to shape their own destiny.

Toni Castillo
Toni Castillo
Dean Liberal Arts & Sciences Division
(405) 733-7380

Social Sciences

The Social Sciences department offers courses, certificates, and degrees in disciplines such as Criminal Justice, Family Services and Child Development, Health and Sports Sciences, History, Political Science, Pre-education, Psychology, Social Sciences, and Sociology. The department also includes the Scholars for Excellence in Childcare Program; Native American Studies Program; and Gender Studies, Counseling, and Social Work options. It produces the Not My Generation Podcast and Political Science Colloquia, houses the Psi-Beta Psychology club, and much more.


The Humanities department provides courses, certificates, and degree opportunities in areas such as English, the Fine Arts, Liberal Studies, Modern Languages, Mass Communication, and Library Technical Studies. The department also houses Rose State’s Theater and Music productions, Global and Cultural Studies program, Literary productions and contests, Reading and Writing Labs, and much more.