Writing Program

Developmental Education Writing

Since Rose State is an open admission higher learning institution, students who begin college work here may need to refresh writing skills that have not been used for many years, or students may need to develop writing skills for the first time that are of the quality needed for college-level academic writing. Developmental writing courses provide students with the composition skills needed to help ensure their success in credited college courses. Many levels of courses are offered to fit the differing needs of entering students. The decision on which class is the best placement for each student is determined by the individual student's ACT, SAT, or Rose State College Writing Placement Test along with discussion between the student and an academic advisor. 

In all developmental classes

  • The class professor will provide early assessment of each student's placement in the course and refer students who need additional skills to the appropriate resources on campus.
  • The professor will post the class syllabus in the electronic classroom associated with the course and will also provide regular private updates there of each student's grades progress.
  • The professor will provide timely grading on assignments along with useful feedback. 

English Composition Review 0133

Course Syllabus for ENGL 0133

Composition Studio: ENGL 0131

Course Syllabus for ENGL 0131

Integrated Composition Skills: ENGL 0142

Course Syllabus for ENGL 0142