Honors Program

Scholarships & Awards

Honors Program Scholarship

Merit-based scholarship available to Rose State Honors Program students in which students with the highest overall GPA will receive priority consideration, and those with the highest previous semester GPA will receive subsequent consideration; however, first applicants will receive due consideration, as well.

Scholarship is a tuition fee waiver, not a cash award, and does not cover special fees. Selected full-time students will receive up to 12 credit hours in tuition fee waivers per semester, and selected part-time students will receive up to 6 credit hours in tuition fee waivers per semester.

Scholarships are available for fall and spring terms. Students interested in summer awards may request such consideration from the Financial Aid office. Summer awards will be made pending availability of funds and exceptional academic performance during prior semesters.

Application is non-transferable and must be re-submitted each year as it is not automatically renewed.


Applicant must be a citizen of the United States and a legal resident of Oklahoma.

Students must have completed at least twelve hours at Rose State College with a minimum 3.50 GPA.

Student must be enrolled in at least twelve credit hours for full-time scholarships or six through eleven credit hours for part-time scholarships in the semester for which the application is submitted.

Scholarships are awarded on an annual basis, inclusive of both fall and spring semester, provided the student maintains the requirements throughout both semesters.

Student must be enrolled in honors-designated course in both the fall and spring semesters to qualify, and must successfully complete fall honors credit to receive spring award.

Scholarship Application


Please compose an essay of 500 words or less. The subject is “Investment in the Arts" “To promote literature in this rising empire and to encourage the arts, have ever been amongst the warmest wishes of my heart.” (George Washington, 1798, first president of the United States and first major benefactor of Washington and Lee University). Describe a favorite artistic work (music, sculpture, painting, text) that you produced or enjoyed. What did you gain from the experience? The production of art requires an investment of time and money. The United States has a long history of supporting literature and the arts, both through private donations and taxpayer-funded agencies. School music and art programs, publicly-funded murals and art/music festivals, and grants to individual artists are just a few examples of the artistic endeavors that require funding to exist. Are the arts a worthwhile investment during hard economic times? Why or why not?

Outstanding Honors Contract Award

Professors: The Honors Program Committee awards an Outstanding Honors Contract Award to one honors project for this academic year. If you believe the student’s work was truly outstanding, complete this form and submit it to the Honors Program Director, FA 117.


Outstanding Honors Mentor Award

Students: An award is given to the Rose State Honors Program Outstanding Faculty Mentor each year. To be eligible for this award, the professor must have successfully mentored at least one student to completion of an honors contract during the academic year of the award.

Honors contract students are asked to nominate outstanding faculty efforts for this award. If you believe your faculty mentor’s work was truly outstanding, please complete and submit the form below. In selecting the faculty member to receive the award, the Honors Committee will consider the number of student nominations received, the number of contracted students the faculty member successfully mentored during that academic year, and the quality of the completed projects.