Assistive Technology

Apps for Students


  • Evernote: Collects notes, files, web clippings and images all in one place. Allows you to collaborate with others using a share feature. Free 
  • Penultimate: Acts like paper allowing you to write, sketch, doodle, and work through ideas. Free 
  • Otter Voice Notes: AI generates a transcript of the audio notes while recording the audio. Puts tags on multiple speakers. Exports to Word or PDF. Free-4.99/mo
  • WritePad: Take notes with your stylus or finger while handwriting recognition turns these notes into typed text. Recognition adapts, adjusts, and learns your style of writing over time. Built-in spell check with custom dictionary, context analyzer, autocorrect, and Shorthand feature. Synchronize documents with Evernote, Dropbox, iTunes, Google Docs, Email and more! 0.99$-8.99$ 
  • Notability: Write, type, or annotate using highlighters your notes using the all in one notetaking app. Ability to take pictures and audio record with sound being linked to your notes. Use Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box to import, export and share documents such as PowerPoints and take notes directly on them. Organize all your notes in one place. 9.99$
  • One Note: One Note is made by Microsoft, a digital note-taking app that provides a single place for keeping all of your notes, research, plans, and information. Can be found at or any device app store. FREE
  • Apple Notes: Apple Notes is a note-taking app that is available on Apple devices. It allows users to create and organize notes with text, images, and other attachments. Notes can be organized into folders and tagged for easy searching. Apple notes can be found predownloaded on all apple devices or at FREE
  • Google Keep: a sticky note, note taking app it is free and only requires you make a google account in order to access it, this also gives access and connects googles other apps as well. The app offers a variety of tools for taking notes, including texts, lists, images, and audio. This app can be found in all devices app stores or by linking it to your browser. FREE


  • Balabolka: Text to speech program that allows files to be saved and listened to at any time. Free 
  • NaturalReader: Text to speech program that converts Word, web pages, PDFs and email to spoken texts. Has a floating tool bar to read text in other applications. Free 
  • Capti Narrator: Convert docs and web pages to text to speech. Upload from drop box google drive clipboard instapaper or web. Free 
  • Rewordify: Rewordify replaces higher-level vocabulary with words that are easier to understand. Help build understanding within readings and builds vocabulary. Difficult words are replaced and highlighted. Click on the words that were replaced to see the original word in the text. Free 
  • VBookz PDF Reader: Read PDF files with this app. Interactive cursor allows readers to follow along with text. Use annotation tools such as highlighting, text, notes, and bookmarks to help support your reading. Read books in text mode with the option for Dyslexie Font. Import PDFs using email, Dropbox, or through iTunes. 14.99$ 


  • Fleksy: Expands screen space for easier typing, powerful word prediction and autocorrect system for low vision or blind students. Free 
  • Voice Dream Writer: Make fewer mistakes, use the right words and organize your writing better with this app.Text-to-speech and voice-to-text help you to proofread to avoid awkward sentences or grammatical mistakes. Dictionary, Phonetic Spell Checker, and Word Finder help you use the correct words when writing. Outline of paper allows for better structure and ease when restructuring your paper. Free
  • Ginger Grammar & Spell Checker: Checks your spelling and grammar and fixes it according to the context of your text in Microsoft Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome. Suggests different and better ways to express your sentences (Premium). Provides training to improve your mistakes (Premium). Reads your text out loud (Premium). Prem. 8.30$-14.60$/mo 

Studying and Organization:

  • Simple to-do list app. Free 
  • Quizlet: Online study tool with games and flash cards to help memorize material. Content is shared between users. Free
  • Evernote: Allows you to collect information into easy to use and collaborative space. Free 
  • Study Blue: Study virtually any topic with this on-the-go flashcard study aid. Create your own flashcards or use one of the over 150 million notes and cards already
    created by other users. Test yourself and get your score of how many right and wrong, with the option to focus
    more on the items you don’t know. Study on the go using your mobile device. Free 
  • gFlash+: Robust platform for creating, downloading, and manipulating flashcards in every subject
     under the sun. Multiple study methods: Adaptive, Flashcard Boxes, Self-Test Quiz and a card Matching Game. Fully functional card editor - create and edit your own card sets, right from within the app. User-defined and generated multiple choice questions. Ability to include zoomable images and audio/video clips directly through gFlash editor. Free 


  • Popplet: Allows students to jot ideas down and express them visually. Free-4.99$
  • Ideament: Draw mind maps, concept maps and flow charts. Converts diagrams to text outlines and turns text outlines to mind maps. Free-2.99$
  • MindMeister: Collaborative mind mapping tool for use on personal device or on the web. Free-8.49$ mo 
  • Inspiration Maps: Brainstorm and create mind maps using this app that’s similar to the full Inspiration Program. Organize projects to create flow charts. Take notes using the visual system and icons to create maps and diagrams. 9.99$