Assistive Technology


ZoomText Xtra 7.0

ZoomText Xtra is a type of software that combines a screen magnifier with a screen reader. There are two product levels in ZoomText: Level 1, a screen magnifier, and Level II, which offers a fully integrated magnifier and screen reader — designed specifically for the low-vision computer user.

Another important feature of ZoomText Xtra is its document-reading module, called DocReaderT. Existing in both product levels, DocReader is a full-screen environment for reading text from any Windows application. A few clicks and you can sit back while DocReader automatically reads through complete documents, including web pages and email.

Level 1 Features
  • 2X to 16X magnification with advanced edge-smoothing
  • 8 different zoom windows for full and partial-screen enlargement
  • Intelligent tracking keeps points of interest in view
  • Smooth panning for quick screen navigation
  • Color filtering for improved contrast and readability
  • Cursor enhancements make finding the cursor a snap
  • Automatic routing of the cursor to the magnified view
  • Fast zoom in/out using the mouse wheel
Level 1 Toolbar
  • Supports all display modes and resolutions
  • Talking setup program for quick and easy installation
  • Highest level of display card compatibility
  • Free lifetime technical support
  • Comprehensive on-line help system and large-print documentation
  • Includes CompatibilityOne for support of all Windows versions!
    (95, 98, ME, NT4 2000)
ZoomText Xtra Level 2: Integrated Magnification & Reading

ZoomText Xtra Level 2 features synchronized magnification and screen reading that is powerful and easy to use. Designed for the low-vision user, Level 2 speaks all on-screen text, echoes typing and automatically reads multi-page documents. Level 2 also includes two free speech synthesizers that work with any Windows sound card.

Level 2 Features: All the features of Level 1 Plus ...
  • Screen reading that's powerful and easy to use
  • Speaks all on-screen text, including menus, dialog boxes and controls
  • Reads characters, words or lines of text by simply moving the caret
  • Echoes keyboard typing by character or by word
  • "DocReader" for automatic reading of complete documents
  • Speech settings for adjusting voice, rate and pitch
  • Verbosity settings for controlling the amount of speech feedback
  • Screen reader features can be used with or without magnification
Level 2 Toolbar
  • Two speech synthesizers that support all Windows sound cards
  • Comprehensive on-line help system and large-print documentation
  • Talking setup program for quick and easy installation
ZoomText can be found in the Library Study Rooms 131A and 131B, which can both be reserved by visiting or by visiting the Library Ask Here desk in the LRC.

For demonstrations, training, or assistance with any other questions about this technology or other accessibility services, please contact Student Access Services by calling (405)733-7373, emailing, or visiting the office located in the Learning Resource Center, Room 106.