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ZoomText Xtra 7.0

ZoomText Xtra is a type of software that combines a screen magnifier with a screen reader. There are two product levels in ZoomText: Level 1, a screen magnifier, and Level II, which offers a fully integrated magnifier and screen reader — designed specifically for the low-vision computer user.

Another important feature of ZoomText Xtra is its document-reading module, called DocReaderT. Existing in both product levels, DocReader is a full-screen environment for reading text from any Windows application. A few clicks and you can sit back while DocReader automatically reads through complete documents, including web pages and email.

Level 1 Features
  • 2X to 16X magnification with advanced edge-smoothing
  • 8 different zoom windows for full and partial-screen enlargement
  • Intelligent tracking keeps points of interest in view
  • Smooth panning for quick screen navigation
  • Color filtering for improved contrast and readability
  • Cursor enhancements make finding the cursor a snap
  • Automatic routing of the cursor to the magnified view
  • Fast zoom in/out using the mouse wheel
Level 1 Toolbar
  • Supports all display modes and resolutions
  • Talking setup program for quick and easy installation
  • Highest level of display card compatibility
  • Free lifetime technical support
  • Comprehensive on-line help system and large-print documentation
  • Includes CompatibilityOne for support of all Windows versions!
    (95, 98, ME, NT4 2000)
ZoomText Xtra Level 2: Integrated Magnification & Reading

ZoomText Xtra Level 2 features synchronized magnification and screen reading that is powerful and easy to use. Designed for the low-vision user, Level 2 speaks all on-screen text, echoes typing and automatically reads multi-page documents. Level 2 also includes two free speech synthesizers that work with any Windows sound card.

Level 2 Features: All the features of Level 1 Plus ...
  • Screen reading that's powerful and easy to use
  • Speaks all on-screen text, including menus, dialog boxes and controls
  • Reads characters, words or lines of text by simply moving the caret
  • Echoes keyboard typing by character or by word
  • "DocReader" for automatic reading of complete documents
  • Speech settings for adjusting voice, rate and pitch
  • Verbosity settings for controlling the amount of speech feedback
  • Screen reader features can be used with or without magnification
Level 2 Toolbar
  • Two speech synthesizers that support all Windows sound cards
  • Comprehensive on-line help system and large-print documentation
  • Talking setup program for quick and easy installation

For a demonstration or training on this technology, please arrange at the Tutoring Desk on the first floor of Learning Resources Center/Library, (405) 733-7417.

Anyone interested in more information concerning services for students with disabilities may call (405) 733-7373 or come by the Learning Resources Center, Room 106.