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Tuition & Fees


Students are not officially withdrawn unless a withdrawal form is processed through the Admissions and Records Office.

Students who enroll in classes and decide not to attend must withdraw from those classes immediately to release space for other students who are registering. The amount of refund due or credit applied to the student is determined by the following policies. These policies are applicable to tuition and other fees charged for College classes.?

  1. Eligibility: To be eligible for a refund or credit, a student must officially withdraw from classes during a refund period by submitting the appropriate form ("Drop/Add" or "Complete Withdrawal"). Neither refunds nor credits are given to students who stop attending class and do not process the appropriate forms.?
  2. Regents for Higher Education Refund Policy: The refund policy with respect to tuition and other fees collected from students at institutions shall be as follows: Changes in schedules during the defined add/drop period will result in full charges for courses added and full credit for courses dropped. No refunds will be made after the add/drop period for that session except as stipulated for enrollment of Title IV recipients. Deadlines for dropping and adding courses are printed in the semester schedule books in the "Calendar" section. Drops and adds are processed on the same form.