The Advantages of Attending Community College Published March 12, 2019

college students walking on campusAre you unfamiliar with the many benefits attend a community college can provide? There are many incentives to choosing to attend a community college, no matter if you’re fresh out of high school or are looking to take a break from the workforce and go back to school.

Below are just a few of the advantages you can expect to receive when taking classes at a college like Rose State — some of which may surprise you. Read on to see for yourself.

Value and Affordability

One of the most well-known benefits community colleges offer is the overall value when compared to their four-year university counterparts. It’s no secret that the cost of tuition keeps rising at universities across the country, often creating a significant financial burden down the road for many students who attend one from the outset.

Community colleges offer many of the classes required by four-year universities, but typically for a fraction of the cost. Community colleges like Rose State offer scholarships and financial aid that can help reduce the cost even further, all while building toward a two-year degree, potential transfer to a four-year college, or earning a certificate.

Quality and Experience of Professors

Perhaps the best-kept secret of community colleges is the actual professors and instructors teaching the courses.

It’s very common for highly experienced professors who spent years on staff at renown universities to teach classes at community colleges. This is often in their later years when they desire a reduced workload, but still want to benefit students with their expertise.

Compare that to four-year universities that frequently employ inexperienced teaching assistants (TAs) and graduate assistants (GAs) to instruct core classes, and you can see why a community college often has the advantage.

Schedule Flexibility

Community colleges are designed to provide a maximum amount of flexibility to cater to the diverse schedule needs of their students. This means offering plenty of night classes, once-a-week degree programs, and condensed coursework that ensure students a wide range of options for completing their courses and degrees.

If you are working full-time, a parent, seeking a career change without being a full-time student, or want to complete some classes while taking time to decide your future aspirations, community colleges are often the ideal choice for maintaining a healthy balance that works with your personal preferences.

Smaller Class Sizes

Four-year universities generally have a large student population, which can lead to the need for bigger classroom sizes — especially with core courses. This often means attending classes with over 100 other students, and sometimes even more. This type of classroom environment may not be the best for some students.

On the other hand, community colleges generally have smaller class sizes, which naturally leads to the opportunity for more personalized instruction from professors, and the likelihood of a more fulfilling course experience overall.

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